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Terminator 2 Characters

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Sarah Connor

.By the start of the second Terminator movie, Sarah has grown strong. Long gone is the timid, weak waitress struggling to come to grips with her role in the future. Instead Sarah has become a battle trained warrior. While incarcerated in a mental instiutition she has been deprived of access to her son. Ultimately she is freed and travels with her son John, and his protector a terminator sent from the future to protect him. Sarah has weapons cache, contacts with military guerillas, and lives to train her son for his future role as a leader.

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John Connor

John Connor a 10 year old boy has been getting into trouble with the law for many years. His real mother Sarah is in a mental institutue, and his stepparents can't seem to keep him in line at all. John in the future will be the leader of a great human resistance against machine rule. John is targeted for termination by a machine sent from the future. Another machine John himself sent from the future to protect a younger version of himself in the past. John is good with computers, hacking, and is relatively knowledgeable of the tactics and techniques he may need in the future as a great military leader.

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The Terminator

In the first movie, The Terminator served as the ultimate killing machine. In this film, the Terminator returns with a mission of protecting young John Connor. The Terminator was actually reprogrammed and sent by John Connor in the future to protect a young John Connor in the past. With proximity to humans the Terminator becomes more human with time and learns the value of human life.


The T-1000 is a nearly unstoppable Terminator prototype. Its mission is to kill young John Connor who in the future will lead humanity to victory against the machines. The T-1000 is an advanced prototype composed of liquid metal. It can mimic anything it physically samples including people and objects. The T-1000 takes the form of Sarah Connor, John's Stepmother, and numerous others in an attempt to find John. The T-1000's only real vulnerability is rapid temperature changes as the T-1000 can heal and return to a default state when injured. The T-1000 is slowed down with liquid nitrogen which freezes the machine, but ultimately molten steel is used to melt the T-1000 and cause it to evaporate.

Miles Dyson

Miles Dyson is the man most responsible for the birth of skynet. He works for a company known as Cyberdyne Systems. There he works with the badly damaged CPU from the Terminator from the first movie. By reverse engineeiring the technology Dyson hopes to make a learning CPU that can fly planes safely and improve life for humanity. In reality his work will lead to the birth of a machine revolution that nearly wipes man from the Earth. After some persuation Dyson agrees to help destroy his work and dies in this pursuit.

Pschologist Silverman

Silverman is the pschologist from the first movie. In the first movie he analyzed Kyle Reese. In this movie he keeps watch over Sarah Connor who has been declared insane and committed to a mental hospital. Silverman finds Sarah's story creative but crazy, Sarah stabs him in the kneecap and pleads with him to let her see her son. Silverman listens politely and then turns Sarah's request down cold. Silverman finally sees the truth of Sarah's story of a machine war when the T-1000 enters the mental hospital and morphs through a set of bars.

John's Step Mom

John's step mom works hard to try to keep young John Connor in line. John's stepmom is killed by the T-1000 who then takes her form. As John's stepmother, the T-1000 answers a call from John in which the Terminator with John deduces both of John's stepparents are dead because the stepmother who answered the phone did not know the name of the family dog.

John's Friend

John's friend travels around with John on his motorbike and witnesses John hack into ATM machines to gain money. They play video games at a local arcade called as the Galleria. When the T-1000 in cop form comes looking for John, the friend covers for him to buy John some time. John tells his friend of his anger for his mother whome he believes to be insane at first.


Enrique is a hispanic man, that Sarah has trusted to keep track of one of her weapon's cache's hidden in the desert. Enrique asks who the big guy (the Terminator) with John is and is told Uncle Bob. Enrique lends Sarah a truck and helps her gather the weapons she will need.

Biker Bar Owner

This guy arrives on the scene just after Arnold comes out of the biker bar with another man's clothes, boots, and motorcyle. "I can't let you take the man's wheels son" the biker exclaims. Arnold responds by leisurely strolling up to the man, grabbing his shotgun, and then taking his sunglases.


This is the biker that burns Arnold with his cigar. Arnold responds by demanding the man's clothes, boot, and motorcyle. The only thing he forgot to say was please. Arnold ultimately stabs the man in the back and fights everyone in the bar. After this biker is flipped onto a hot stove he agrees to give up his clothes and motorcyle.

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