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Comic Books

Comic Books based on the Terminator movies have been published by Now comics, Dark Horse Comics, Marvel, and Malibu Comics.

Now Comics

Terminator 1-17 (1988) Follows the story of human resistance in the future as it battles Skynet and its machine minions.

Terminator: The Burning Earth 1-5 (1990) Story detailing human efforts to stop Skynet from using nuclear arsenels to finally eradicate the human race. Features beautiful painted covers and artfully rendered pages.

The Terminator All My Futures Past 1-2 (1990) Tale set in the future that climaxes with the arrivial of Kyle Reese and the Terminator in Los Angeles of the past. Painted similarly to Terminator the Burning Earth.

Dark Horse Comics

The Terminator: Tempest (1990)1-4 a group of humans sent from the future battles four terminators sent from their time to ensure the development of Skynet

The Terminator: One Shot 1991 A female Terminator is sent back in time to eliminate a surviving Sara Connor. A human protector is sent to stop this from happening naturally. Has popup in the middle of the female terminator.

The Terminator: Secondary Objectives 1-4 (1991) Continuation of Terminator: Tempest with the surviving members of the story battling it out as the Terminators attempt to fullfill their secondary objective; to kill Sarah Connor.

The Terminator: The Enemy Within1-4 (1991-1992) Continuation of Terminator: Secondary Objectives as the surviving human soldiers from the future along with new allies attempt to kill the remaining Terminator existing in the present. A half human Terminator attempts to reconcile his humanity with his machine like nature so that he may help his human friends rather than unconciously work against them. Features incredible painted covers.

The Terminator: Hunters and Killers 1-4 (1992) Best Terminator Comic Series ever written. Incredible covers featuring battlescenes and terminators on a level never before acheived. Story chronocles human resistance in Russia as it battles Skynet and its Russian computer network Mir on a quest to reclaim a Russian submarine and its nuclear payload.

The Terminator: End Game 1-3 (1992) Another Terminator is dispatched from the future to kill Sarah Connor. Human protector Colonel Randall from previous tales leads a last ditch defense to protect Sarah from the Terminator. The terminator attacks the hospital when Sarah is giving birth and a climatic showdown ensues. Incredible painted covers.
This series is available in a collected trade paperback containing issues 1-3 from

Robocop Versus Terminator 1-4 1992 Each issue features a cardboard cutout of related characters and machines from the story. Story entails the connection betwenn Alex Murphy and the computer development technology it inspires for skynet. Battles take place in the present and in the future. A climatic future battle ensuses in which Robocop recreates roboticized "terminator" versions of himself and does battle with Skynet and its terminators.

Marvel Comics

Terminator 2 Judgement Day Movie Adaptation 1-3

Malibu Comics

T2 Cybernetic Dawn 1-4 (1995-1996)and special #0 issue Takes place immediately after the end of Terminator 2 the movie. This extension leads to FBI agents recovering a T-800 Terminator Arm. Other terminators are discovered to be existing in LA as back up units should the T-1000 had failed. Sarah and John destroy one and come to the belief that Judgement day is innevitable.

T2 Nucler Twilight 1-4 (1995-1996) Taking place in the future immediately after Judgement Day with an adult John Connor leading the human resistance. Story climaxes with Kyle Reese being sent back in time to protect Sarah Connor in the past. As this occurs a virus is uploaded into Skynet which cripples it and enables John and Danny Dyson (son of Miles Dyson from T2) to reprogram a T-800 to protect John in the past.

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