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John Connor, Humanity's Leader

*Also see Terminator Characters with Pictures and Profiles

*Also see Terminator 2 Characters with Pictures and Profiles

John Connor, the son of Sarah Connor leads human resistance units against the machine onslaught. He taught humanity how to storm the walls of human extermination camps and how to attack rather than just defend against attacks.

His battlefield successes would rejuvenate human spirits and ultimately defeat Skynet in the future. The machines in turn would seek to destroy John Connor before he was even born by killing his mother Sarah. As this failed they would strike at him in the past when he was younger. He anticipated these events and sent protectors to prevent his death at the hands of the machines.

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As an old man (above)John Connor leads human forces against the machines in the future.

John as a young boy (below) struggles with the problems of adolescene as well as the initial belief that his mother is crazy


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