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Terminator 3

General Information

Plot Summary and Analysis

The basic premise of the movie is very similar to that of Terminator 2 in the beginning. The machines send a terminator back in time to try to kill the human's future leader and hamper the human cause and the humans of the future send a reprogrammed machine back in time to try to protect their leader in the past and the fate of humanity in the future. The machine's terminator is a new model the T-X.
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Weapons of the Machines from T3

Contains pictures and information about the T-1, the future war endoskeletons, and Aerial Hunter Killer machines as portrayed in the film.

View Character Profiles with Pictures

Features pictures and information about all of the notable characters from the film including the T-X's victims.

Preview Information

Contains an archive of preview details from before the movie's premiere.


Examine memorable quotes from the film grouped by character including ones such as "Talk to the hand, and "I like your gun" among others.


Links to sites with image galleries, multimedia, quotes, forums, interviews, wallpapers, reviews and more.

Continuity Questions and Plot Holes

T-800 , Cyberdyne Systems Model 101, vs t-101

In T3 Cyberdyne Systems the company credited with making the Terminators in T2 is no where to be mentioned. The Cyberdyne Systems model 101 and Series 800 Terminator or T-800 model 101 are not mentioned at all. Instead of this numbering system we get things like T-101 in the Terminator 3 movie. The explanation for this is generally believed
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How would the T-850 know where Sarah Connor was buried?

Near the beginning of the movie Arnold takes John Connor and Katherine Brewster to the burial site of Sarah Connor. In her coffin are weapons and not her body. The Terminator explains that Sarah had her body cremated and left weapons behind in the coffin as her will had instructed be done. How could a terminator from the future that never experienced such things know about that? *Read More

Is it Impossible that the Same exact Arnie Terminator model could be in each movie?

If you really stretch things out its not impossible to argue that the same exact Arnold style terminator could have been sent to protect and kill in all three movies. *Read More

The T-X's Powers and Vulnerabilities

An examination of the things that hurt the T-X in the film and its powers including the seemingly illogical ability to control cars via remote control. *Read More

How can Skynet build other machines if it launches the missiles with the T-1 being the most sophisicated human like terminator like machine under its control?

Perhaps I am the only one that thought of this. But if the tank like T-1's are the best terminator like machines Skynet has after nuclear missiles decimate humanity just how would it retool factories and other things to produce more T-1's *Read More

How did time travel affect the storyline of Judgement day in T3?

The major thing that the Terminator 3 movie emphasis is that Judgement Day is inevitable. All of the time travel, damage to Cyberdyne Systmes and the like did was postpont the inevitable according to the film. *Read More

Merchandise and Collectibles

Information about merchandise and collectibles related to the saga available for purchase including, books, games, posters, replica props, the CD Soundtrack, and DVD information.

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