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Sarah Connor The Mother of Humanity's Savior

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*Also see Terminator 2 Characters with Pictures and Profiles

Sarah Connor in 1984 was just a waitress going about the daily routines of life with little thought to the future or to the ideals for which mankind stands. But then she had a visitor from the future; Kyle Reese that informed her about the dire need for her to survive to give birth to mankinds savior. A machine clad in flesh and heavily armored was dispatched to eradicate her existance and see to it that
humanity's savior never sees the light of day. She took the knowledge of her importance at first with skepticism. She was still a "meek" women as she and Reese defeated the first Terminator sent to kill her.But then the ideals of strategy and the roots of strength began to take hold in her spirit. She trained, she planned, and she her world was never the same. She was awaiting judgement day, awaiting the machines, and awaiting her own fate.

Her progeny John was to be well taught in the arts of war and organization. It seems that circumstance can alter ones character and determination far more than any other means can. Sarah illustrates this as she fulfills the ideals of the warrior, and the planner not by desire but by necessity.

Sarah in 1984 living a sultry and basic life in Los Angeles before her knowledge of the Judgement Day that is to follow.

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