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How would the T-850 know where Sarah Connor was buried?

Near the beginning of the movie Arnold takes John Connor and Katherine Brewster to the burial site of Sarah Connor. In her coffin are weapons and not her body. The Terminator explains that Sarah had her body cremated and left weapons behind in the coffin as her will had instructed be done. How could a terminator from the future that never experienced such things know about that? The only way this is possible is if you believe in a looped nature of time. Each time a terminator is sent back in time; the future they were sent from is changed based on the things that happen in the past they are sent to. If John Connor does not know his mom was cremated and weapons are in a coffin then he would if a terminator is sent back in time to tell him so when John Connor grows up and it is the future he would know and be able to tell others so they would know when they reprogrammed a terminator to go back in time. Its circular reasoning though of course.

Via circular reasoning the first time period that Arnie was sent to in T2 consisted of a John Connor that in the future would not know his mother's burial site was a secret weapons cache and her ashes were scattered rather than her body placed there. In this timeline John Connor does not know his mother is not buried in her coffin. But when Arnie arrives from the future in T3 and tells John Connor that her coffin is filled with weapons he would know in that timeline and in the future he would tell others about this fact that is programmed into the Arnie terminator sent back in T-3 to protect him. The problem with this reasoning is that Arnie can't know Sarah is not in her coffin unless he originally went back in time told John who then knew this fact which could be programmed into the terminator's memory. That like having the present depend on the future. Very illogical to say the least. Now it is possible that John Connor was told at some point Sarah Connor was not in her coffin and he just forgets in T3 because of his nightmares, drug use, and other problems that affected his memory. This is the most logical assumption to explain away the problem.

The whole reason Arnie knew Sarah Connor was not buried therein essence was so the film could have a nice scene with Arnie carrying the coffin in one arm and his big gun in the other. Not having to shoot a gunshop owner or steal weapons to allow for the means to defend against the T-X also reinfored the idea established in T2 that even a terminator can serve the causes of good. But really if John Connor is to lead humanity in the future war against the machines why wouldn't she ensure her son knew where weapons caches were without having to have a terminator from the future direct him to them? Either John Connor was told by friends or his mother that weapons were in her burial site and he forgot or even Sarah Connor did not trust John with too much information before Judgement Day. The likely assumption inspite of all this is John was told at some point and forgot that his mother's coffin was a weapons cache and she was not buried there.

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