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The Science of the Movies Essay

*Also see Planet of the Apes and Terminator Saga similarities

The Terminator Saga for all of its effects, and action is most remembered because its believeable; its scientifically plausible. Unlike Star Wars which took place in a galaxy far, far away, the Terminator saga took place in modern day America, with references and implications for the past as well as the future. The saga touches on science through time travel, cybernetics, semiconductor technology, and even modern computer networking since Skynet afterall is one giant computer network. After one views the Terminator movies a few times one may wonder just how possible are the scenarios presented for audiences to digest and contemplate. Of course nuclear war is possible, but are advanced machines, or flesh covered terminators scientifically possible? A few scientific concepts and questions present themselves almost immediately to a fan of the Terminator saga. They include:

1. Are flesh covered Terminators possible?

Franky, no at least not for long. Scientifically speaking as presented in the Terminator movies, the familiar Arnold style terminator will never be possible. The reason for this impossibility has less to do with technological limitations and more to do with the basic processes of living creatures. The Terminator if encased in actual living tissue, would experience the same living and dying processes people experience as far as its skin, blood, and common anatomical structures.****read more

2. Why Can't the T-1000's Technology be Scientifically Possible?

To answer this question one has to break down what all the T-1000 can do.

1. The T-1000 can reproduce 3-Dimensional images of things it physically samples

2. The T-1000 when damaged or converted to a liquid structure will revert to a default form and seems to be able to "cellularly" reconstruct or heal itself while retaining its memory.

3. The T-1000 can alter its internal temperature very rapidly to vary between a liquid metal, or solid metal form at will.

4. The T-1000 can recombine 3-Dimensional data from multiple things it has sampled and present them as a single unified form.

5. The T-1000 can simulate various densities, structures, and materials.

6 The T-1000 apears to be using a chemical or fusion based form of energy.

***Read More about the T-1000's Technology

3 Is Time Travel or the Paradoxes it Presents Possible As the Movie Presents.

It is generally accepted that one can easily "travel" into the future. This is accomplished by altering ones perception of time.

To be able to recreate the exact position and speed of every particle in the universe as it once existed is the essence of what time travel into the past would be.

To be able to send something of matter from the future into the past would logically suggest that in the future something has now been removed from the universe. If such matter was not destroyed then where did it go? **Read more about Time Travel as the movie presents it

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