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The Science of the Movies Essay

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Are flesh covered Terminators possible?

Franky, no at least not for long. Scientifically speaking as presented in the Terminator movies, the familiar Arnold style terminator will never be possible. The reason for this impossibility has less to do with technological limitations and more to do with the basic processes of living creatures. The Terminator if encased in actual living tissue, would experience the same living and dying processes people experience as far as its skin, blood, and common anatomical structures which the Terminator shares with human beings. Skin dies, muscle wears down, and living cells require nutrients and proteins which a machine like power supply is incapable of supplying. Living cells also require oxygen which the Terminator does not appear to have a way to process. Even if it could use oxygen to nourish cells, and store chemical energies, and proteins and other components necessary to rebuild its tissue components, the machine would have no way to fight off bacterial attackers eager to feed off its living tissue. To fight such attacks off would require yet more traditional life to dwell within the Terminator. Antibodies would be necessary, as would be other bacterial life to fight off bacteria that otherwise feeds off living tissue.

The only instance in which a flesh covered Terminator could exist would be for short periods of time. If a Terminator had living tissue attached to its frame and that was all the support it provided for its living structures, then the flesh would slowly rot and only a few hours or days of camaflauge would be afforded the machine. If however the machine could carry or process oxygen, and carried nutrients to rebuild its living structures it could last until such supplies ran out in theory. The only way a Terminator could live flesh covered for the full 120 year run of its power supply would be to build the Terminator a digestive system, an immune system and the ability to mimic mechanically other human systems. In short the Terminator would have to become a CPU controlled collection of living cells. In some of the Dark Horse Terminator Comic Books this type of Terminator is created.

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