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The Terminator saga is not just a collection of Terminator, T2 and one 3-D/Live Action attraction. Instead the saga is one of a continuing storyline that in many ways has spanned all of man's existance. Machines and technology have always presented temporary change and adversity for man to overcome. A machine may simplify a process but take away the livelihood of a few. From the days of horsedrawn carriage drivers fearing being replaced by key turned automobiles to todays computer controlled manufacturing environments; workers have always feared that which is new and that which is a "machine."

The Terminator mytho takes this fear to a whole new level. Instead of machines transplanting workers it transplants human control. A computer network, skynet is created to serve as an impartial coordinator of man's defenses. But it ultimately decides to transplant man's controls and legacy. This is idea is not a new one for film. In the classic silent film Metropolis, a machine run society is the focus. In the 1970's Classic Collosus the Forbin Project a computer network turns against man and uses nuclear threats to control the world. The Terminator movies incorporate these elements and more.

Instead of just a vast machine complex, the strength of the Terminator movies is the singular humanoid T-800 Terminators one of which is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Clad in armor, with the human body's shape and form it presents itself as a new evoluntionary form of life. Strength, easy coordination with other units, and an absolute sense of duty drive the units forth to eradicate man. From their humanoid skeletal structure and hands to their glaring red eyes, the machines scare viewers more for their similiarity to man than for their differences. To be replaced, to be bettered, to be conquered these are the things which drive animals to the point of extinction. These elements are the primal fears that the Terminator machines strike in the human mind.


The chronology of the Terminator saga has a very unique flow which brings up many possible paradoxes including how can someone from the future sent to the past be the father of someone that exists only in his future.

August 29, 1997 Judgement Day occurs as Skynet a computer defense network launches nuclear missiles at America's enemies abroad. Their retaliatory strike destroys Skynet's human enemies at home and the ensuing armagedden ended with more than three billion human lives lost.

2029 John Conner, leader of human fighting forces deliver defeat upon defeat to Skynet causing Skynet to predict its ultimate downfall. As a result it sends a machine, a humanoid, appearing terminator into the past to 1984 to strike at the mother of humanity's savior before he was even born. John Connor sends a protector, Kyle Reese to intercept the Terminator in the past and preserve the life of his mother, Sarah. Another Terminator is sent to strike at John while he is a boy which also was foreseen as a reprogrammed Terminator was sent to protect him in that time period.

1984 Both the Terminator and Kyle Reese arive in the past and do battle. Ultimately the Terminator is destroyed and Kyle dies as well but not before impregnating Sarah Connor with his seed which is to be the future savior of humanity. Wreckage from the Terminator remains in the past to be unearthed and researched.

1984-1991 Cyberdyne Systems Corporation is formed to study the uncovered remains of the Terminator and further cybernetic and artificial intelligence research. Miles Dyson serves as the chief inventor responsible for a revolutionary new CPU. Miles Dyson helps see to the destruction of his work after persuasion from Sarah Connor. John is attacked by a new Terminator model the T-1000 which can mimic anything it physically samples. His protector, a reprogrammed T-800 is destroyed after the T-1000 dies a fiery death.

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