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English, Spanish, and French language and subtitles.

Animorphic widescreen

156 minute movie (counting special edition cut scenes)

Special aluminum case for the DVD.

Cut Scenes:New Footage

In Pescadero Mental Hosptial Sarah is hit in the stomach, stun gunned, and forced to take her medicine by two guards, one of which is Dougie whom later licks her and which Sarah brutally strikes down with many hits including one to the face.

In Pescadero Mental Hospital Sarah dreams that Kyle Reese her protector returns to warn her of the dangers in store for her son John. The scene ends with a bright light that was to be the beginning of a sequence that was to appear again as the nuclear pulse wave burns the city later on as Sarah imagines while pulling on a fence.

After John's foster parents are killed, the T-1000 searches John's room for clues just by moving his hand over things in the room. Apparently the T-1000 can sense differences in molecular constructions of things such as a fake spot in a wall. The T-1000 retrieves a box of old photos of Sarah and a place in the desert from John's room and then goes outside. Outside the T-1000 rips the collar off the head of the dog and discovers that the name of the dog is Max and not Wolfie as John's voice via the Terminator had made the T-1000 believe. The T-1000 realizes he was tricked and his presence is known.

After sewing up Sarah's wounds as well as the Terminator's, Arnold reveals that in the future Terminator's sent out are set to read only instead of write mode to prevent them from thinking too much by Skynet. John and Sarah decide to set Arnold's chip to read mode so he can learn and be more human. After Arnold's chip is removed, Sarah tries to crush it with a hammer, but John intervenes and asserts his leadership abilities to save the Terminator as his protector.

After John, Sarah, and the Termiator arrive at Enrique's ranch where a weapon's cache is stored, John tries to teach the Terminator how to smile. Arnold in turn analyzes the muscular actions in a smile and attempts a truly goofy smile.

An alternate ending is present in the Terminator 2 Special Edition DVD. The ending can be accessed by selecting Special Edition and then typing in 82997 The numbers stand for August 29, 1997 or Judgement Day. If selected correctly the Terminator's eyes in the menu will both glare red. The alternate ending features Sarah Connor as a grandmother narrating. In the scene children are seen playing, and John is a senator that fights for Justice within the goverment. The ending ultimately was changed in the theatrical release to fit in more with the general theme of the movie. The alternate ending was corny and would have destroyed much of the dark nature and mystique of the Terminator saga.


A unique intro for the DVD which features the THX sound logo being blown apart and then slowly forming via liquid metal.

Unique menu screen intro featuring 3-D footage of a factory used to make Terminators. The intro ends with the focus on one Terminator endoskeleton which stays on screen as you select what you wish to watch on the DVD.

Includes American, and Japanese trailers. The Japanese trailers seem to focus more on Sarah Connor and less on Arnold. This is probably for cultural reasons.

Pictures of over 700 of Storyboards which are the artwork used to plan scenes.

The complete shooting script for Terminator 2.

Commentary by the Director, Actors, and others; a total of 26 cast and crew members which can be listened to while the film is playing in either theatrical, special edition, or extended special edition.

Making of Terminator 3-D video.

Making of Terminator 2 video

T2 More than Meets the Eye Video


Linda Hamilton twin sister appeared in a restored scene in the special edition in which the Terminator's (Arnold's) head is cut open and his chip is set to learn mode. The scene appeared as if the actors were looking in a mirror and Linda's sister played her mirror image.

The actor that played the fat cop that the T-1000 replicates in Pescadero State Mental Hospital starred with his twin brother in a scene in which the T-1000 replicates the cop and then kills him by stabbing metal through his face.

The actress that played John's Stepmother also played tough Marine Vasquez in the movie Aliens which T2's directory James Cameron also directed.

The T2 Ultimate Edition DVD was released on August 29, 2000, exactly 3 years after Judgement Day is supposed to have happened.

In the hallways of the Pescadero Mental hospital after Arnold meets Sarah for the first time, a female guard knocks his glasses off with her arm which is wrapped in a cast. So in essence a handicapped female is the first to cause Arnold to lose his cool after he loses his glasses.

The characteristic Terminator endoskeleton skull crush scene involved a sound created by crushing nuts with a metal plate.

In the scene were the T-1000 first arrives in present day Los Angeles, actor Robert Patrick is seen in the nude by passengers of an Amtrack that happened to be passing by as the scene was shot.

In the bar scene after Arnold arrives and appears nude in search of clothing Arnold in actuality is wearing boxers. When the set is interrupted by a female passerby Arnold jokes that its "male stripper" night after the woman did not know who he was.

In T2 the title is T2 Judgment Day, the word Judgment can also be spelled Judgement which is how most people spell the word.

A scene was considered but not shot in which psychologist Silberman, Sarah's shrienk would have been carried out in a straight jacket because the realization that Terminator's are a reality put him over the edge.

During the production of T2 Edward Furlong's (John's) voice began to crack and as a result his voice had to be digitally manipulated so that it would match throughout the movie.

In the scene in which Arnold, Sarah, and John make it to the parking lot of Pescadero mental institution Sarah shoots at the window of a cop's car to get him to move. A marble was shot out of an actual gun to make the indentation on the window.

Trivia: Atari and the Terminator Saga

John Connor uses an Atari portfolio portable computer to steal money and break into Cyberdyne Systems, Atari products are also featured in the Galleria arcade, as a Missile Command game is seen. In addition the Sega game Afterburner was also featured. Afterburner while a Sega game was released for the Nintento Entertainment System by Atari Games Corp unit Tengen. Many of the Terminator red screen system status shots feature Apple Computer code. Apple's founder Steve Jobs, as well as Commodore founder Jack Tramiel, and Activision's founder have all worked for Atari in all its forms at some point. Midway Games which produced the T2 Arcade Game now owns Atari Games Corp. Atari Corp's founder Nolan Bushnell has worked for Chuck E Cheeze a party center for kids featuring singing animatronic robots; technology the Termiantor saga represents. Atari Corp was merged with a harddrive company (and many harddrives were destroyed in T2) before assets were sold to Hasbro. Read more about Atari's history

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