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Characters 2

*See Character Page One for pictures and info about the T-X and Arnold as the new T-850.
John Connor played by Nick Stahl

According to John's terminator protector he is mankinds last great hope for survival. John doesen't seem like much in the films beginning. He drives recklessly and uses drugs. At one point John even threatens to kill himself if his protector terminator will not do as he wishes and try to end judgement day. Ready or not John survives Judgement day and the film ends with him begining to live out his destiny of commanding humanity to victory over the machines.
Katherine Brewster played by Claire Danes

In the film's begining Katherine Brewster is just a Veternarian. When John Connor arrives at her facility trying to steal drugs she gets brought into the machines fight. The T-X comes in search of John Connor and Katherine is taken by Arnold for protection. Later its revelaed that Katherine Brewster is to be John Connor's wife and second in command in the coming war with the machines. Katherine herself in fact in the future programmed the terminator sent to protect John in the present. The picture at left is of an angry Katherine shooting at a small scale aerial HK until it is destroyed. John remarks that Katherine reminds him of his mother in that scene.
General Robert Brewster played by David Andrews

This is the commander in charge of the Skynet project and all of its military applications. In the film he personally oversees the development of the earliest T-1 Terminator and a small scale aerial hunter killer. When a massive computer virus infects civilizan computer networks and the US military's own networks he decides to bring Skynet online so that its Artificial Intelligence can rid him of the virus. Little did he know that Skynet was the virus and when Skynet was brought online it planned the end of mankind via nuclear warfare.
Dr. Peter Silberman played by Earl Boen

This is the psychologist from the first two terminator films. In the first one he analyzed Kyle Reese,and in Terminator two he analyzed Sarah Connor. In Terminator three he has a brief role trying to tell Katherine Brewster the mind can play tricks on itself after she is "rescued" from a graveyard.

TX Victim I Like Your Gun played by Jay Acovone

This is the cop that pulls over the T-X for speeding. The T-X emulates a billboard she sees of a woman with a larger chest to try to handle the situation better. A quick comment about her like for the cop's gun is all that was said before this cop was no longer a problem. While not shown on screen the audience assumes the cop was killed before his gun was taken by the T-X.

TX Victim need your car girl played by Carolyn Hennesy This is the rich preppy woman that first sees the T-X walking nude throughout the city. She asks if she is ok and the T-X responds that she likes her car before killing her and taking her clothes and car the audience presumes.
Katherine's Boyfriend Scott Mason played by Mark Famiglietti

Katherine boyfriend is a rather meek character that is rather quickly killed by the T-X. She assumes his identity and travels with two cops who take her right to the location of Katherine Brewster. She then kills the cops and proceeds on with her mission. When Scott is killed Katherine begins to realize her destiny can not be changed.

TX Victims Others Two Cops

Detective Martinez played by Mark Hicks

Detective Edwards (bald) played by Kim Robillard

This two low level detectives come to the home of Scott Mason to inform him that Katherine Brewster his girlfriend has been kidnapped. The T-X has impersonated him though after killing him. The two cops lead the T-X to Katherine and then they are killed. One is killed via a machine hand through the heart which is then used to drive the car.

The Male Stripper "Talk to the Hand Guy" AKA Clothes Guy played by Jimmy Snyder - this is a stripper at a club during a ladies night. When Arnold tells him he needs the man's clothes this guy just keeps on dancing and tells Arnold to wait his turn. Finally the guy tells Arnold to talk to the hand. Arnold does this and instructs the hand that he needs the guys clothes now.

I need your Bike Guy - Much like the T-1000 took a bike in Terminator 2 Arnold takes one in similar fashion from a rider in Terminator 3. Arnold proclaims he needs the bike and that is that.

Convenience Store Clerk - this is the guy Arnold encounters while picking up food supplies for John and Katherine. He fills his basket with food and then tells the clerk to talk to the hand when he asks if Arnold is going to pay for anything.

Jose Barerrra - future lieutienent of John Connor played by Robert Alonzo who is killed when working at a fast food restaurant by the T-X because of his future importance as one of John Connor's lietenents.

John Connor's Car Accident Buddy - this is the guy who gets into a car accident with John Connor when he is driving a truck trying to excape the T-X. This guy is crazed, cursing and threatens John should he not have insurance. When T-X controlled cop cars arrive on the scene this guy exclaims that finally you have cops when you need them. T-X controlled cars further damage his truck though. Throughout the ordeal John tries to recrank his truck when it stalls and the crazy car guy approaches.

Katherine's Customer shot dead at the Veterinary Hospital - this is the character in the film that calls up Katherine Brewster late and wants emergency veterinary help for her pet. When the T-X arrives she is promptly killed as she is mistaken for Katherine Brewster at first until the T-X can verify via the dna in the blood.

*See Character Page One for pictures and information about the T-X and Arnold as the new T-850.

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