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Is it Impossible that the Same exact Arnie Terminator model could be in each movie?

If you really stretch things out its not impossible to argue that the same Arnold style terminator could have been sent to protect and kill in all three movies. In the first movie the machines send an Arnie style terminator back in time to kill Sarah Connor. After that machine fails time is altered and the John Connor that would live in that time via his mother's stories would know that the machines would try to kill her with an Arnie style terminator so when he captures that one in the future he would send it back rather than destroy it because perhaps he figures if he sends back the terminator the machines can't send back another in time.

Two of a person or a thing can't be in two places at the same time due to a de ja vue effect as showcased in the Back to the Future movies. If the machines had sent Kyle Reese to kill Sarah Connor it would be impossible for the human resistance to also send back a Kyle Reese to protect Sarah Connor for example. So after the Arnie style terminator is sent back in time for the second movie the time period it is sent to its changed not because the machines planned to send a terminator to kill in each of the three movies but because each separate movie altered the futureworld in such a way that minor things like the date and type of terminator sent to kill would be different.

So in the first movie the machines sent an Arnie terminator to kill Sarah connor. Sarah departs this knowledge to John in one timeline who remembrs this in the future and sends a repogrammed terminator as a protector the same one that would be killing in the future if it was not reprogrammed and sent back. The machine since they don't have a regular terminator to send back then send the T-1000 which was all that could be located lets say. After the Arnie is destroyed in this movie as is the T-1000, the future world changes again. This time the Arnie model because the development cycle of Cyberdyne was altered is a more advanced model sent farther into the future. The reality world of the present in the movies is the same for consistancy purposes but in reality each terminator movie is sent in a different time line and the same Arnie style terminator is programmed or reprogrammed by machines or people to kill or protect in each movie. Thats odd reasoning but not impossible to make work with the sagas other time line plot holes.

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