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The T-X's Powers and Vulnerabilities

The Things that Hurt the T-X

In the film bullets have no effect. They don't even slow the T-X down and rockets just knock it back. In reality if the missiles/rockets Arnold fires at the T-X have the capability of destroying helicopters or tanks then they should do damage to any compact humanoid style machine that can't have armor that thickk no matter what its made of which the T-X is. The means more damage than just knocking her back or down for a bit. The T-X loses its primary weapon early on in the movie mainly due to plot purposes it seems. Because with a plasma rifle as a weapon Arnie can present no real threat. A helicopter crash takes away the T-X's legs and an atomic battery explosion destroys it. That is believeable but the rockets fired at her should have damaged her more if things were consistant.

How can the T-X remote control the cars

In the film it appears that the T-X controls normal Cop cars via a remote control like method with no interaction with the cars at all. She can shift the cars to go and work their other mechanical features at will. The simple explanation for this is its a movie and its a cool effect to add to the infamous chase scene. The movie is technically set a few years in the future and these future cars even if they appear typical of modern cars might have more computer controls on the cars than modern ones do. This would explain the capability as the cars could then in theory be controlled via radio waves or what not. If this sort of explanation is not used then the T-X would have to be utilizing almost god like or X-men like powers to control physical things without touching them.

The T-X's Powers

The T-X in theory has all of the powers of the T-1000 with a hardened endoskeleton tougher than a Arnie style T-800. In addition the T-X has built in weapon systems including a flame thrower and plasma rifle. For easy kills the T-X in the film uses a pistol for many of its kills perhaps to draw less attention to the killings and to conserve its energy.

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