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Terminator 3 is scheduled to begin shooting in spring 2001 for a Summer 2002 release. Arnold Schwarznegger and Eddie Furlong (John Connor) have signed contracts for this movie. The director of this film is unknown but will not be James Cameron that directed the previous Terminator movies. The settting of this film will be the future where a young John Connor leads the initial battles against skynet's machine minions after Judgement Day. Arnold will battle a female terminator in the future in this film most likely of the T-1000 style variety. A Terminator movie set in the future seems to be what every Terminator fan has always wanted.

In the first Terminator movie only small glimpses of battles in the future are seen. The future scenes of the first movie emphasized a human resistance largely in a state of starvation and fear living in bunkers deep within the Earth. Man fights mostly at night in the future according to Kyle Reese. Terminator infiltration units attempt to gain access to the underground sanctuaries of man and in the first film one batch of terminators does, however dogs alert humans to their presence before all is lost. The second Terminator film begins with a giant future battle with more than 5 Hunter Killer planes in the sky, and Terminator units marching slowly into battle against quickly moving humans. The Terminator 3D movie takes place almost exclusively in the future. If a Terminator movie set in the future can maintain the level of fury and sophistication that the Terminator saga has showcased thus far in a few scant future war scenes it will be a true achivement to say the least.

In addition to the film actually in production, a fan produced script entitled Armageddon has been written. Some people often search for this specifically. It can be found at Consult this site's Link section for additional Terminator 3 resources.

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