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Plot Summary and Analysis

The basic premise of the movie is very similar to that of Terminator 2 in the beginning. The machines send a terminator back in time to try to kill the human's future leader and hamper the human cause and the humans of the future send a reprogrammed machine back in time to try to protect their leader in the past and the fate of humanity in the future. The machine's terminator is a new model the T-X. It is in essence a heavily armoured endoskeleton with a liquid metal skin that can mimic any form it wants which allows it to impersonate people. The T-X has built in weapons while the T-1000 from Termianator 2 did not. The human's terminator which is sent back in time is an Arnie model that has been improved with the addition of two very powerful nuclear energy style batteries.

The film revolves around Arnold protecting John Connor and his future wife Katherine Brewster from the attacks of the T-X. When the T-X finds it hard to locate John Connor she goes about her secondary mission; to eliminate all of the people that will be John Connor's lietenants in the future. One memorable guy Jose Barerra she kills at his fast food job by just pulling up to the drive in window and shooting him; afterwords she just drove off as if nothing happened.

The arrival of the two terminators plays on the styles that the good vs evil terminators are known for in the saga. Good Arnie arrives asks for clothes and achieves a motorcycle. He picks up a new phrase along the way "talk to the hand." The evil Terminator, The T-X kills for her ride, kills for her clothes, and kills to obtain her gun. While killing she has a catch phrase such as "nice car," or "I like your gun."

Amidst the backdrop of the battle between the two terminators a major computer virus has hampered much of the communication networks of America including cell phones and the internet. The military itself is having communication difficulty. Skynet the military's new Artificial Intelligence agent is considered to be put online to try to fix the problem the virus is causing. The problem is that Skynet is the problem and this is how Skynet takes command of humanity's nuclear arsenels and remote controlled military forces. One of the priorities of the T-X is to ensure that Skynet rises to power and takes over.

Terminator 3 while simple on story is an action packed movie that is simply fun. The greatest bathroom fight ever seen involving stalls and walls crashing and falling right and left is among the many fine sights that provide action in a way never seen before. A chase scene involving a crane trying to shake loose Arnie while the crane arm rams through multitudes of buildings is a very creative way of reinventing the cliche of the Hollywood car chase.

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