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Other Weapons of the Machines

*See Terminator 3 Characters for Info about the T-X and T-850

*Also See the Machines of the Terminator Saga and Science of the Machines Essay


The T-1 is an early model Terminator that uses tank like treads to wheel itself about. It is equipped with two gatling guns; one on each arm as its weapon system. The T-1 is not very bright or very quick but its mobile its robotic and it can guard or kill things that exist in urban settings or on level ground. In the film the T-1's are reprogrammed by the T-X with the simple order to kill all humans in the command center which it accomplishes with the exception of John Connor and Katherine Brewster.
Endoskeletons of the Future

The Endoskeleton was the backbone of Skynet's war machine throughout the war to exterminate humanity. This film is no different in that respect. In Terminator 3 via CGI we see an army of endoskeletons walkign about with heavy weapons searching for human survivors to kill. This is a far cry from the mere handful seen in the future war scenes of Terminator 2. The future war terminators seen in terminator, terminator2, and Terminator 3, interestingly enough all have different styles of weapons for some reason.
Aerial Hunter Killers

The Aerial HK has been in each of the Terminator movies so far. The Aerial HK of Termiantor 3 may be computer generated and not a physical model like in the other films its hard to tell. The purpose of this machine is to spot human survivors from the air to allow terminators or ground based hunter killer tanks to finish them off.

A smaller prototype Aerial HK is encountered by Katherine Brewster and John Connor during their escape from the CIS command center. Katherine destroys it with machine gun fire.

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