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Terminator Movie Summary

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A slow, building, machine like rythmic beat builds as the movies introduction credits begin. A battle in the future between men and machines is set to be settled in the present. The movie starts with the arrival of two soldiers from the future. One is Kyle Reese, the other, is a humanoid terminator machine with a mission of destruction. The Terminator is a metallic robotic machine enclosed in living human tissue and built by a computer network named Skynet. Both arrive nude and unarmed. The machine terminator encounters 3 youthful punks in a dark alley of Los Angeles. He kills and acquires clothes from one of them. Kyle arrives at a mall and acquires clothing as police patrol the area. Both Kyle and the Terminator are focused on the life of one lone female waitress; Sarah Connor. Kyle Reese aims to protect Sarah Connor, while the Terminator plans to kill her. The Terminator scans a phone book and learns the addresses of all the Sarah Connor's in LA. It didn't know exactly which Sarah Connor it was supposed to kill, so it systematically plans to kill them all. The reason for this is so that the mother of a human leader in the future can be killed and in effect the leaders life be aborted.

After arming at a local gun store, the Terminator quickly kills a few of the Sarah Connor's listed in the phone book but one remains. The one he could not get to, which is the Sarah Connor it is meant to kill. At a local disco club Sarah, the Terminator, and Kyle meet. A chase throughout the city with the Terminator in a police car calling for backup ensues. After a brief struggle Kyle and Sarah wound up at the police station. Kyle is deemed crazy and detained. A local cop declares there are 30 cops in the building which can ensure Sarah is not harmed by anyone. The Terminator arrives at the police station asks politely if he can see Sarah and then proceeds to ram through the front, and kill 17 cops on his way.

Kyle and Sarah escape in the confusion and battle the Terminator throughout the city. Their battles climax in an automated factory. There the Terminator is finally crushed, but not before a dying Kyle Reese can impregnat Sarah and. In short Kyle a soldier from the future was to be the father of the very leader of the future that sent him to save his mother.

The Terminator movie is unique in that the star of the film, is a murderous machine. Throughout the movie, references to the wars of the future are shared by Kyle Reese. Terminator's breathe, bleed, and can even have bad breathe he states. They are used in the future to infilitrate human hideouts within the Earth. Radiation and extermination camps by the machines had nearly wiped man from the face of the planet until John Conner arose. John taught humans how to fight, and win against machines poses to exterminate them. John's mother, Sarah was targeted for termination in the past, and that in short sums up the rationale for the movie and the legend it spawned.

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