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Atari has existed in many forms over the years. Atari Corporation is now wholly owned by Hasbro. It has been made a part of Hasbro's entertainment games division, Hasbro Interactive. Hasbro has made the Jaguar an open system allowing anyone to make games or accesories for it without need for a license or fear of violating any patents. Hasbro it appears has no interest in Atari's technological patents or its gaming legacy from the past. Games are still being made for both the Lynx and the Jaguar by hobbyists, non profit groups, and even some enterprising companies. The Jaguar has many abilities, many still yet to be uncovered. It works well with existing computer hardware as clearly was evident in the Area 51 arcade game that used Jaguar technology and additional computer technologies as one. The ability to hook up 32 Jaguar machines for real network play of a level never before achieved is a concept many are curious to see realized firsthand. The Jaguar even allows for direct interface with the Atari Lynx portable gaming machine. An interactive video game controller (the lynx) with its own screen and sound generation abilities causes many to ponder interactive Aliens games or Ghostbusters games where the Lynx acts as a motion tracker or other such device that interactively responds to gameplay. The future it seems is relegated to hobbyists and those of nostalgia.


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