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General Atari Sites Coverage of Atari's history, memorabilia, game systems,prototype games/systems and more detailed coverage of all Atari systems, both console and computer, video game emulators to play games on your computer. Info on games being developed, and new emulator technologies. Coverage of a radio show about Atari and classic games as well. magazine articles about Atari, chronology and lots of other info about the History of Atari museum of Atari systems of all sorts Atari history and info about all the game systems/computers history of Atari website product coverage, atari history info, links great Atari links resource currently only has messageboads but plans to add galleries of the games in the future coverage of classic video games in general, includes a top 10 game list section composed of many people's top 10 games. Also features articles and interviews with former people in the video game industry info on the Jaguar developer kits from the past as well as 8 bit Atari Computers info on the Atari force comics and the games for the Atari machines page about preserving Atari's legacy site about video game systems as well as their release dates including all the Atari ones site under construction

Official Sites now a part of Hasbro Interactive

Emulators (programs which allow classic games to be played on computer platforms)

Dealers has everything for the Atari machines/computers as far as replacement parts and accesories has over 1 million Atari 2600/7800 games for sale, many only 80 cents sells some Atari products and computers Atari 2600 products for sale or trade extensive link section selling Atari things from Germany sells multi carts for the 5200 that have all the games on it, as well as multicarts for the 2600, 7800, and other gaming systems. Also sells video of classic video game commercials. sells Jaguar mulitplayer accesory and Atari Computer parts and accesories

Developers working on adapter to allow Lynx games to play on Televisions

Magazines and Publications printed newsletter dedicated to the Atari 2600

Atari 2600 sites Atari 2600 games list with pictures, and instruction manual info for the games atari 2600 emulator review site Atari 2600 schematics, emulator, and technical info game reviews, history of the system extensive list of label/box variatoins for the Atari 2600 games as well as a list of the games, and other info on the games. Funny commentary on the durability of the game cartridges as well. site about the legacy of the Atari 2600 developer info for the Atari 2600 system atari game of the month site and other humorous 80's themes

Atari 5200 sites image archive of the games, game list and more 5200 schematics, technical specifications, for both the system and the cartridges, developer info and more Atari 5200 FAQ's

Atari 7800 sites cartridge list, system info, technical info 7800 and 2600 FAQ Atari 7800 technical info and emulator info info about a private collection of 7800/2600 games

Atari Computer sites info about the Atari operating system known as TOS as well as the various computers Atari made over the years Atari St computer emulators and software info archives of an Atari ST magazine from the past as well as lots of Atari ST links on-line archive of the Antics Atari Computer Magazines 8-bit Atari Computer games site Atari 8 bit hardware and software info site Downloadable Atari 8-bit software and emulator (classify)

Atari Jaguar Sites sounds and music from Jaguar games, downloadable videos of someof the games, articles, interviews Jaguar news and current games info Jaguar developer news, system specs, info on new games in development, and miscellaneous news in general about this machine directory of Jaguar players eager to play networked gamed intensive Jaguar technical specifications coverage, info on developer software sells multiplayer Jaguar gaming accesorry called the Catbox Jaguar news site and game reviews editorials,related reading materials, and news how to build a rotary controller for the Jaguar, news, and developer info screen shots, and game ratings

Atari Lynx Sites game lists, reviews, text versions of Lynx instruction manuals, Lynx hardware info, game tips editorials on the Lynx, History of the Lynx, favorite games lists, developer info, interviews info about games in development/for sale for the Lynx, developer info, Lynx news Lynx game reviews and tips and tricks downloadble development software for the Lynx and info on Lynx games development directory of people wanting to play networked Lynx games

Atari Arcade Games (Atari Inc, and Atari Games Corp) info about the Atari system 1 arcade architecture and games which were made from 84 to 87 for such games as Road Blasters

Miscellaneous year by year chronology of video game and computer related history


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