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Throughout Atari Corporation's history there have been some notable strategic corporate partners that one will notice upon close historical study. These partners include, Time Warner, Namco, Tecmo, and Epyx.

Time Warner throughout the history of Atari Corporation owned more than 25% of the stock for most of the company's history. Through their Atari Games Corp division numerous arcade titles were licensed for use on the various Atari Corporaton platforms. In fact almost all of Atari's titles for both the Lynx, and the Jaguar were either developed in house based on original ideas or merely ported over versions of the latest Atari Games Corp's arcade hits such as Pitfighter, roadblasters, vindicators, Steel talons, and many others.

Japanese based Namco has always been a strong corporate partner of Atari; both of the united Atari, Inc before 1984 and of the newly formed system manufactuer based Atari Corporation from 1984 until its demise. Namco provided many of the key bundled titles that put the Atari 2600 over the top as far as sales which included such hits as Pacman, and Pole Position. When the Atari Lynx came out Namco once again eagerly allowed many of their properties to be licensed and developed for these respective systems including Pacland and various other games. Namco even saw to the overseas distribution of many Atari Games Corp based arcade titles such as Race Drivin, and Hard Drivin, while Atari Games Corp saw to the distributon of many of their titles domestically.

Tecmo was one of the few Japanese companies outside of Namco that licensed or developed any titles for the Atari Lynx. They allowed Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 3 to be developed for the Atari Lynx.

Epyx developed the Lynx technologically and sold the technology to Atari Corporation. In addition help in developing several titles for the Lynx and Jaguar such as Blue Lightining was given by Epyx.

Outside of these companies and others from whom Atari Corporation purchased technology such as Epyx there were really no other major strategic partnerships of any size or stature wth outside companies.

In addition Atari Corporation allied with Sega in a lawsuit against Nintendo aimed at ending Nintendo's exclusivity requirement for the licensses developings titles for its NES in the US market. This lawsuit was won by Atari and Sega and this lead to the birth of the competive system based market competition which abounds in the US market today.


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