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Walker Texas Ranger Prop Guns

A pair of props guns used in Walker Texas Ranger which ran from 1993 to 2001 and spawned several made for TV movies. Prop guns are highly desireable nonfiring merchandise collectibles. The gun on the left is a Marshall gun and includes the Texas Marshall Insignia on the handle. This gun is made of a harder resin type material and was used in scenes where a blank firing gun was not needed. It also did not weigh down the holster/belt while fiming. This prop was used by Both Chuck Norris and his stunt double whom I obatined this from. The gun on the right is a rubber stunt revolver used by Chock Norris and includes documentation from someone who worked in the prop department. The gun is marked with the word Washo meant to be Washoe a nickname of Chuck Norris's Cordell Walker character.

Photo of Chuck Norris with a Revolver Style Pistol

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