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Prop Knives, Swords, and Etched Weapons

*The items below are all screen used items and were used during filming of the various productions.

Star Trek the Next Generation Klingon D'K Tahg Prop Knife

Lexx Screen Used 9 inch Metal Blade Weapon from Episode 1.04, "Giga Shadow


Xena Rubber Stunt Sword

Xena Rubber Stunt Chakram

Mephistopheles Staff from Fight Scenes in Hell

Sword From Series Unknown Use

Not Pictured:

Rock Club Weapon

Spiked Club Weapon

Broken Xena Resin Sword

Arch Angel Michael Dagger

Dr Quinn Medicine Woman Sully's Stunt Resin Knife with Leather Sheath

*This Item Has Been Sold and is no longer part of my Collection

Delta Force Chuck Norris Screen Used Wooden and Rubber Knives

Hot Shots Part Deux Rubber Prop Knife

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