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Star Trek the Next Generation

Cricket Phaser Season One Screen Used

Dustbuster Phaser Screen Used

Cobrahead Phaser
Season 4 Screen Used

Hollow Cast Cobrahead Phaser Screen Used

Borg Phaser Screen Used

Star Trek First Contact

First Contact Rubber Stunt Phaser Screen Used
Repainted for use in Deep Space Nine

First Contact Rubber Stunt Phaser Screen Used

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine Phaser Rifle Screen Used

Hero Bajoran Phaser Screen Used

Rubber Stunt Bajoran Phaser

Screen Used Cardassian Rubber Stunt Damaged Phaser

Enterprise and Classic Trek Cast Movies

Enterprise Show Screen Used Nausican Plasma Pistol

Star Trek 3 Screen Used Klingon Disruptor

Star Trek Part V Screen Used Klingon Deathsting Disruptor

Star Trek Back up Weapons
Made for Possible Use But Ultimately Not Used on Screen
These props were made by Proper Effects or HMS along with the rest of the props that ultimately were screen used in the various Star Trek Productions. They were not made years after the originals were made or churned out from the original molds years later. These are backup props identical to screen used pieces that could have been used in a given production if necessary.

Voyager Backup Boomerang Phaser
with Depressable Trigger

Next Generation
Backup Season 7
Cobrahead Phaser

Deep Space Nine
Rubber Stunt Backup Bajoran Phaser

Next Generation Backup Cricket Phaser

Voyager Backup 29th Century Phaser

Prop Weapon "Master"

Vulcan/Ferengi Phaser

This is a hand crafted Vulcan phaser master that was used to make a mold that turned out Vulcan/Ferengi phasers that were used on Star Trek. This weapon was made in this color scheme and in a darker color scheme as a Ferengi weapon.

Terminator 2

Endoskeleton Rifle Screen Used

*Note the gun shell is authentic and originally housed a live fire weapon. It was replaced by the weapons handler with a rubber calico gun. This is the reason the bottom barrel does not protrude as far as originally the barrel of the live fire weapon stuck out there. This is 1 of 3 known to exist from the second Terminator movie.

*View Larger Pictures of the Endorifle

Terminator 2 Screen Used Tear Gas Launcher

This is the Tear Gas Launcher Used by Arnold's Terminator character during the escape from Cyberdyne Systems scenes.
It was used in scenes where the gun is not seen physically rotating rounds which was done with another prop weapon.
This is based on a working flare gun.

Battlestar Galactica Saga

Screen Used Cylon Laser Rifle from Battlestar Galactica

Galactica 1980 Screen Used Cylon Laser Pistol from the "Return of Starbuck" episode

Robocop Auto-9 Screen Used in Robocop Movies

The Last Starfighter Screen Used Pilot Gun
*With Holster and Spats which were worn over pilot pants by the film's star character Alex Rogan

Other World TV Series Screen Used Commander Kroll Weapon

Buck Rogers Draconian Blaster Screen Used

Seaquest Screen Used Season 3 Working Gun

Space 1999 Screen Used Stun Gun

Babylon 5

Screen Used Rubber Stunt PPG

Screen Used Resin PPG

Holster with Extra PPG Energy Cap Glued in

Crusade Screen Used Aluminum PPG Energy Cap Originally Glued into a Holster

*This was the source of power for the Crusade PPG so its a key prop relating to the gun

V Screen Used Guns

*See this site's V Prop Collection Section for More Pictures and Information

Cleopatra 2525 Screen Used Weapons

Drone Weapon

Marla Guard Gun

Mutant Gun

Have two of these each of a different material. One more rubber like, the other harder.

Cool Looking Gun

Big Black Gun

Big Gun

Cleo Working Baton Weapon

Brown Mutant Prop Pistol

Not featured Mutant Guard Gun Bazooka like, Futuristic Police Night stick, Working Wrist Weapon Piece.

Cleopatra 2525 Backup and Unfinished Weapons

Backup Unpainted Large Rifle

Backup Unpainted Hand Held Gauntlet Blaster

Backup Unpainted Hand Held Gauntlet Blaster 2

Small Ray Gun

May be screen used, an unifinished backup, or a prototype.

Backup Non Screen Used Gun

Backup Black Gauntlet Gun

Power Rangers Zeo TV Series Screen Used Gun

Power Rangers Time Force Screen Used Guns

Wild West Ranger Pistol

Silver Guardian Laser Pistol

Morpher Stunt Chrono Laser Pistol

Battlefield Earth Screen Used Resin and Rubber Guns

Starship Troopers Screen Used Prop Morita Rifle

Universal Soldier the Return Unisol Rifle

Galaxy Quest Screen Used Rubber Stunt Prop Nebulizer Weapon and Holster Cast as One

The Demolitionist Weapon Screen Used by Nicole Eggart

Masters of the Universe Screen used Guns

*Visit this site's Masters of the Universe Prop Page for Larger Pictures and more Info

Wing Commander IV Computer Game Screen used Gun

Wing Commander IV gun used in live action sequences of this popular computer game which stars Mark Hammil who is famous for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy of films




NightBreed Movie Screen Used Rifle

StarKids Screen Used Rifle

Lexx Screen Used 9 inch Metal Blade Weapon from Episode 1.04, "Giga Shadow

Baby Geniuses Screen Used Prop Gun used by the Babies


Xena Rubber Stunt Sword

Xena Rubber Stunt Chakrum

Mephistophocles Staff from Fight Scenes in Hell

Sword From Series Unknown Use

Not Pictured:

Rock Club Weapon

Spiked Club Weapon

Broken Xena Resin Sword

Arch Angel Michael Dagger

Red Dawn Screen Used Weapons

*See this Site's Red Dawn Prop Section for More Pictures and Information

Miami Vice Screen Used Rubber Stunt Uzi

Commando Screen Used Rubber Stunt Mac-11

Raw Deal and Godfather Part III Screen Used Stunt Mac-11 with Silencer

Platoon Screen Used Baseball Style Grenade

Boys in Company C

*Not Pictured Screen Used GI rifle with grenade launcher

Rambo 3 Screen Used Russian Pistol

*See this sites Rambo Prop Section for Information about a Russian Flight Suit from the Movie

Last of the Mohicans Screen Used Rifles

Walker Texas Ranger Rubber Stunt Pistols Screen Used by Chuck Norris

Dr Quinn Medicine Woman Sully's Stunt Resin Knife with Leather Sheath

Hot Shots Part Deux Rubber Prop Knife


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