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Backup 29th Century Voyager Phaser

This is a backup 29th Century Phaser weapon. Its fully finished and painted. The first batches of 29th Century phasers were made like this. Afterwords the phaser were broken at the top groove and glued back with tape to simulate the groove. This was done because the phasers kept breaking at the top groove when dropped during filming

This style of prop was used in Star Trek Voyager episodes set in the 29th century which was hundreds of years in the future from its usual time period. The weapon is bigger and more gun like than the standard Voyager Boomerang phaser from the regular time line. The top beak part is a bit sharp to the touch also. This style was used in the two part season 3 Voyager episode "Future's end" and the 5th season episode "Relativity."

Screen Caps from the Star Trek Voyager Fifth Season Relativity Episodes set in the 29th Century

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Known Replicas

Star Trek Experience One

And Numerous solid resin cast off screen used pieces.

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