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Screen Used Prop Barbie Puppet Doll from Commercials

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Barbie was unveiled to the world at the American International Toy Fair in New York on March 9, 1959. Since then she has become the number one selling toy line for girls of all time. The Barbie phenomenon is a $1.9 billion dollar industry world wide. Barbie is a character that constantly invents herself for the times. She has been a nurse, flight attendant, and many other professions. The doll is most famous for its accesories including vehicles, dreamhouses, and extra clothing sets. The Barbie I have was screen used in a commercial to promote the doll line. It features a modifed doll converted into a puppet with metal rods run up the body and a joypad to provide articulation. The doll can move its head up down right and left, as well as in full 360 degree motion by moving around the control pad. The entire doll is mounted to a giant metal rod and is a true working piece of art. This would have been used in commercials where Barbie needed to move her head. Barbie is an instantly recognizeable cultural icon and this piece is a prized part of my collection.

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