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Screen Used Prop Kelly Puppet Dolls (Barbie's Kid Sister) Used in Commercials

Kelly is Barbie's younger sister and was first featured in 1995. Her full name is Kelly Roberts however in Europe she is called Shelly. She is a minor figure in the Barbie world but is still in use as of 2006. The dolls I have show a variety of ways that dolls are made to do things in commercials.

Bathtime Kelly Doll with Wires to Move Hands

This is a Kelly doll used to advertise what later became the Bathrime Fun Kelly I believe. Wires are used to move her hands. The left pictures are of the doll and bathtub and the right is of a commercial toy version.

Bottle Sucking Kelly Doll Used in Commercials

This is a Kelly doll used in commercials to make it appear the doll can drink her bottle of milk on her own. Its a simple trick; a bottle with a hole in it and a tube running through the bottle and the back of the body. A person inhales the milk through the tube and it appears to magically be drank by Kelly. Fluids are filled into the bottle by just pouring them into the tube. I have two of these one of them lacks the bottle with the hole in it though.

The doll is mounted on a metal rod and is a good example of simple ways to make toys appear more alive to kids.

Kelly Doll with Metal rod that moves head to the right or left (not working presently)

This is a Kelly doll that is a simple Rod style puppet. Its a modified regular Kelly doll mounted to a metal rod with a lever at the botom that can move the head a bit left or right. It originally worked but no longer does at this point. Its a simple mechanism in comparison to the virtually 360 degree head motion of the Barbie puppet I have.

*Also have Kelly Doll with handmade prototype "sample" outfit. This was not used in a commercial though I believe.

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