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Collection Pictures

The three pictures below are of my Cleopatra 2525 weapon wall. Leaned against the wall on the floor is a Betrayer rifle worn on the arm and a variety of other rifles. On the shelf above are backup unfinished weapon, most are yellowish. The shelf above has some more screen used Cleo weapons.


The pictures below are of my Screen used Cylon stunt rifle from Battlestar Galactica.

This is a picture of my mantle. Its somewhat blurry but the big gun is a screen used Terminator 2 Endorifle from the future war scenes. The mini endorifle used by a stop motion terminator is laying flat and can't be seen. Also in the picture is a screen used Hendrix California Raison and a screen used Pillsbury Doughboy head on backup metal body.

The pictures below are of a gun from an Outerlimits episode. A metal rod weapon from Robocop Prime Directives the TV Mini series, an Ultraviolet Three pronged weapon, what I believe to be a Power Rangers weapon, and a chain weapon from Xena.

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