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Collection Pictures

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Below is a picture of my V the Final Battle Gold Trooper Visitor costume. It was the first screen used item I ever purchased. It came with the jumpsuit, vest and belt, I later got the helmet from a Heather Holmberg auction and an armband from a collector years later.


Below are pictures of my mannequinned costumes. The mannequins were purchased used with no stands. I just leaned them against the wall. The Stromtrooper is a sandtrooper from the Science Fiction Star Wars movies with replica backpack. The rifle its pictured with had the best packing I ever saw in my life when shipped to me. Took me a good 10 or 20 minutes to get it open and the item out. It was double bubble wrapped with multiple layers of plastic bags ontop. I was undercharged for shipping on it to boot. Besides the replica Stormtrooper is a Amazon Warrior from Xena, I have another and lots of Amazon costume pieces not on mannequins. Beside that is my Ares god of war costume from Xena. I received it the day after the actor that wore it died in China. Besides that is A Lucifer angel costume from Xena, and an Archangel Michael Costume.



Below a closeup of my Lucifer costume, its got real metal on the breastplate. Besides it are two rifles from Last of the Mohicans which are leaned against a wall.


Below are my big boots from the Sci-fi movie Battlefield Earth, a promotional poster for V the Final Battle. A sword used by Xena on Xena Warrior Princess, a painted and unpainted reptilian facial appliance from V, and a Mephestopholes battle staff from Xena Warrior princess. A few unused half mannequin forms are also featured.




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