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Collection Pictures

*see more items from this Freestanding Display Unit

This big wooden display table had sliding doors and several glass shelves on top. I keep a variety of guns and other props on it. Beside it on the ground are a Space Above and Beyond Marine Rifle, a Red Dwarf rifle, and a rifle from Night of the Creeps. The gun with the handle on the side is from a Power Rangers production I believe.


On the floor in front of the case are some of my Advertising props including a Barbie, Barbies Kid Sister, and Hamburger Helper hand all used in Commercials on TV. Setting on the wood display on top in the picture below are a Battlefield Earth Psychol Mask and wig, an Alien Nation mask, a Klingon Knife from Star Trek Next Generation or Deep Space Nine.


A closeup of the Hamburger Helper Hand, its mounted on a metal rod with a metal skeleton beneath and is made of foam rubber.


Close up pictures of a Barbie mounted on a metal rod with a joystick that controls the movement of the head. Barbies kid sister that drinks milk and one of her in a bathtub are also featured.


A picture of a Laser rifle from V with working scope. The side that has this gun has lots of other guns too. I just fit guns where they will go.


A Klingon Disruptor, Klingon Deathsting from Star Trek V, and a gun from the live action computer game Wing Commander IV.


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