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Collection Pictures

*see more items from this Freestanding Display Unit

An overall shot of a wooden display unit. With items setting on the wood base, on the floor around it and on two glass shelves on each side. This thing mainly is used to display prop guns.

A close up shot of a Battlefield Earth mask and wig, and a Padd prop from Star Trek DS9.

An Alien Nation Mask with screen used Phillip hat from V the TV series and screen used V sunglasses and hat displayed on a replica V mask. An Assault on Dome 4/Men in Black 2 pistol is laying next to the V mask.

Two Babylon 5 PPGs, one rubber one resin, a Holster with extra PPG energy cap, a Lexx Knife.

A Star Trek DS9 weapon, and a Klingon Disruptor from Star Trek III. The backside of the Battlefield Earth pistols are viewable from the shelf above.

A close up of a star Trek III Klingon Disruptor with metal barrels.

A Babylon 5 PPG rifle of resin, a Tomb Raider prop pistol of rubber, and a Galatica 1980 Return of Starbuck episode Cylon Pistol.

An Earth 2 prop pistol made of resin.

A shot of the Otherworld Zone Trooper gun, made from an electric lantern with attached hand guard and black paper to cover up the electronics inside it.

A closeup of the Barrel end piece of a Zone Trooper from the Other world TV series.

A close up of the end piece of a Zonetrooper pistol from Otherworld the TV Series.

A close up of the trigger area of an Otherworld Zone trooper pistol.

A resin and a rubber Babylon 5 PPG, a knife from Lexx and a Klingon Disruptor from Star Trek Next Generation or Deep Space nine.

A V original Mini series pistol used by the character Daniel, a Farscape Peacekeeper wars pistol, and a Space 1999 stunt stun gun made of vacuform plastic.

The back shot of an expensive movie prop Visitor Rifle from V, a Space 1999 stunt gun, and a rubber stunt Earth Final Conflict gun.

An Eternian Soldier pistol from Masters of the Universe, and a gun from Buck Rogers.

A rubber and a resin Psychlo gun from Battlefield Earth.

A picture of a Seaquest pistol, a Draconian pistol from Buck rogers with wires sticking out of the barrel, and a gun from Seaquest made to look like a weapon built off a pipe.

Two guns from Ice Pirates, a Rubber stunt rifle from Nightbreed that originally was made by casting an Aliens movie flamthrower without the fuel source with some other modifications. The green gun in the far left was from the movie Starkid and was shipped to me loose in a box with no packing material at all originally so I had to kind of fix it back together as best I could.

A picture of the side of my wood display with Space Above and Beyond rifle, Red Dwarf rifle, and both scifi guns from Night of the Creeps. One of the Night of the Creep gun came with a photo and a bag of accesories I am not sure how originally fit on the rifle.

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