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Original V Mini Series laser pistol. Used by the Character Daniel as played by David Packer. Visible in the opening credits of the first V mini series and throughout the V saga. Well constructed and quite durable.

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Laser Pistol as made for the second V mini series, V The Final Battle. Used in the second mini series, as well as the later television series. Constructed differently than the original V mini series laser pistol. This gun has no metal, the foward grip is somewhat bigger and the trigger area is generally smaller.



Visitor Laser rifle as used throughout V. The laser rifle is a direct modification of the original V mini series laser pistol. This was the primary weapon of the visitor shock troopers. This one has working electronics which provide an illuminated scope. One of only three such pieces with working electronics known to exist.

Picture of a Visitor shock trooper holding a laser rifle from V. Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.




Laser rifle carried by Skeletor's troops.This weapon is made of foam rubber and is one of two types of rifles used by Skeletor's palace guards. A solid resin version of this gun also was made.The other type had a metal bayonet.



laser pistol used by eternian soldiers at the beginning of movie Constructed of foam rubber with no electronics. Versions of this gun with electronics are believed to have been made too. Unique looking but very delicate. At least 3 styles of this gun are known to have been made. This style is of foam rubber with no working electronics. Another style was of fiberglass, and yet another was made of foam rubber with electronics that lit up the pistol's tip for the purpose of assisting in laser effects later on..



laser pistol used by skeletors soldiers in the warehouse fight scene. Features embedded electronics which light up a part of the gun near the end. Few of this type still light up, as the electronics and power source are now quite old and practically molded into the gun and hence are practically impossible to get to..




Wing Commander IV gun used in live action sequences of this popular computer game which stars Mark Hammil who is famous for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy of films





Two different styles of rubber prop rifles used in hand to hand fight sequences


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