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Episode #12 - Aired April 12th 2001


Hello again!

Wow, this is when it starts getting very interesting as with 6 participants, strategy is very important and winning immunity challenges even more. It should be very interesting to see how this whole situation evolves tonight.

Day 31, morning, everyone was sleeping longer…Elisabeth expressed this was becoming a nightmare because they needed food. They measured all the rice they had to be sure there would be none missing at the end.. Everyone knew Keith, Colby and Tina were together and had control. Rodger and Elisabeth knew how important immunity would be.. Amber was being portrayed

Another reward challenge. It would be working through ropes in the forest. The winner would have a night away with food..Amber took the early lead followed by Colby who took the lead shortly after and never let go! He was off to food and fun after a horseback ride of a little while! During that time, weather started to turn pretty bad and even raining very hard which got the horses nervous

At Barramundi, the level of water was very very fastly rising and they knew their camp was maybe flooded and were wondering what would be left once they would arrive at camp (they were still coming home from the challenge). As they had feared, their camp was pretty flooded with tons of water taking their stuff out; packsacks, and even the rice seemed on the verge of being taken away. When they got to camp, they were just completely stunned to see it was as if a small hurricane had passed. They saw the rice had been took away…knives were gone, hooks, it was catastrophic..they had no food, no fishing lines..

Colby was eating a lot but realising winning two straight challenged might mean he would be very vulnerable. He was certainly enjoying his time with those cowboys, the food, and he looked forward to the warm bed!

Keith while looking throughout the river saw the food that was still ceiled and gave his best shot ..Tina also tried by the other side of the river..she was successful in getting to it and now was to try to get back..Rodger threw a rope that both Tina and Keith grabbed and were able to get it. Now they decided to light a fire to warm up…but the matches had also been swept away!:(

Colby decided to eat a lot even though he knew it was also making him sick, he wanted the extra energy. At the camp, they were thinking of how to set up a new tent. When Colby got back, he saw what his tribe had gone through…Amber was crying, Elisabeth was devastated..Everyone was just so down. They had no energy left. Colby didn’t know if winning the immunity challenge was a good idea.

The challenge was to aim some nuts with sling shots, they were aiming at plates. This challenge was actually a lot of fun to watch. Elisabeth and Colby were the final two and Colby won it! Again! This will be an interesting vote for sure. It will also be fun to see in the next show if people try to vote off Colby since he looks so strong going into the final miles of the game.

The vote would be tough since these six had gone through so much in the last few days. In the questions asked by the host, Rodger said he had felt at first that setting camp on a vulnerable place for floods…Elisabeth said she felt it was getting very tough, Tina said she was playing political..Time to vote: Elisabeth went first (for Amber), Tina, Rodger (Amber), Colby (Rodger), Amber (Rodger) and Keith. Time to tally the votes:







Looks like Ogakor killed their own one…snif..! Also looks like Colby does not have full support of people as the original plan (Rodger was next) was not respected!

Amber said she was releived to be gone..and said she was proud to have gone so far, she liked everyone and had no regrets..!


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