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Apocolypse Now

The film opens with a swarm of US helicopters moving through the jungles of Vietnam. Then as napalm begins to fall into the treeline below, classical music fills the air. The unit's commander proclaims "I love the smell of napalm in the morning." The movie focuses on one American who dissapeared into the jungles of Vietnam many years back. It is believed that he is still alive and has achieved a cult like following among the native people.

One man is dispatched on a mission to locate him. Finally he is found after much searching. Resorting to an almost subhuman level of existance he lives for one thing, to kill the North Vietnamese enemy. He is far from the point of sanity, in that place that few soldiers ever in their worst nightmares imagine being in. A killer, a savage, a man that lives to control and conquer rather than to help or liberate. He is a loose cannon in the jungle.

In the film's end he attempts to explain who he is and why he has done the things he has. He is stabbed in the end, killed by the soldier sent to bring him back or end his madness. War is madness to many, and this film showcases that theme. Embodied in one man is the heart of madness and the essence of war. Only within men is the world's true great "Apocolypse" found to exist. In this movie that great Apocolypse was found in the jungle, among the animals, and the savages, in the place where fear dare not to approach and man hopes never to come near

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