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Eye of the Eagle 3

Eye of the Eagle 3 is a rather obscure film about an attack on an American Fire base in Vietnam. Heavily outnumbered the American defenders run from one side of the base to another while yelling to make the enemy believe they have more men they they actually do. Dead bodies are even propted up to give the apperance of greater strength than is actually present.

The movie showcases some rather spectacular battle sequences. Native rebels armed with bow and arrow fight alongside the Americans to allow for some rather interesting weapon combinations to be used in battle sequences. A certain funny humor is present throughout as Americans concentrate their defenses on certain ends of the firebase while leaving nothing but the propted up bodies of their dead comrades to deter an immediate overrunn of the undefended position. Eye of the Eagle and Eye of the Eagle 2 were horrible movies as Eye of the Eagle 3 is the lone obscure jewel of this bunch.

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