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William Wallace (old) played by Mel Gibson and William Wallace (young) played by James Robinson

William Wallace begins as a simple peasant. His life consists of work and his love Murron. When an English commander rapes and kills Murron after their marriage he is filled with rage. Wallace kills off an entire force of English soldiers stationed near his village all by himself. He then becomes a champion for Scottish independence from the Britts. He leads battles from the front and motivates his men with the fear that a life of shame is worse than death itself. As with many heroes Wallace only becomes a hero when his life was empty and he was sad. Happiness does not lead people to revolt. Wallace is betrayed and executed with the King of England looking on from his deathbed. In life Wallace defeats archers and cavalry with farm weapons, wooden stakes, and bravery alone. He impreganates the future Queen of England and dies with dignity inspite of tortures levied against him.

Murron (old) played by Catherine McCormack and Murron (young) played by Mhairi Calvey

Muron is William Wallace's lifetime female companion. Starting as simple friends their friendship became love when each of them became older. Wallace marries Murron but an English law that allowed English soldiers to have first sexual rights with Scottish newlywed women requires Murron to have sex with an evil English commander. This infuriates Wallace and when Murron dies the cause of revenge for her fills his soul.

Malcolm Wallace played by Sean Lawlor

This is William Wallace's father, before his death he taught his son about the virtues of freedom and honor. He also taught his son that fighting and war are not things one should seek out. Like most TV hero epics the father departs wisdom that allows his son to be the leader that he is in the film.

Robert the Bruce played by Angus MacFadyen

Robert the Bruce is the man that would become King of Scotland. Robert tried to help William Wallace and served as the political muscle to get things going for Wallace's cause against the British. In the film Robert's father betrays Wallace in order to guarantee his son an English granted nobility. This infuriates Robert the Bruce and he continues on in the struggle for Scottish independence after William Wallace's death.

Princess Isabelle played by Sophie Marceau

The Princess is in an arranged marriage with Prince Edward; she is to be the future Queen of England. She falls in love with William Wallace when she finds him more a man of goodness than savagery. Wallace impregnates her and this remains a secret told only to the King of England before his death. She uses her power to try to help Wallace and even begs for his life when Wallace is scheduled for execution but it does no good.

Longshanks - King Edward I played by Patrick McGoohan

This is the film's villain. When Willam Wallace begins his revolt against English rule he sends Princess Isabelle to try to make him believe that some sort of peace can be worked out. This bought him the time to arrange a large army to try to crush Wallace with. At the films end, Longshanks dies knowing that the heir to the throne of England is an offspring of Wallace's and not his son. He tries to tell his son but he is too sick to speak. Wallace dies via execution as the last wish of Longshanks before his own death.

Prince Edward by Peter Hanly

This "prince" is the heir to the throne of England. He is till the wimpiest future king you can ever fathom. His father sees just how pitiful his son is so he tries to toughen him up a bit before his death. But in the end Princess Isabelle the future queen of England who will marry this joker proclaims to guards that the father is dying and the son is a fool, so she will be running the place in a few weeks. This sums up just how pathetic this guy actually is.

William Wallace's Warrior Friend

This guy is just one of William Wallace's trusted men. But he has the look of a truly serious warrior. He just looks like the type that would wield a large axe all day long just for the sport of it.

William Wallace's Friend

This is another of Willam Wallace's close and most trusted men. In the picture at left the symbol on his forehead make this fellow seem more a warrior of the Devil or of some Arayan supremecy group than a fighter for freedom, but thats what he is.

Torturer of William Wallace

This is one of the coolest characters in the film. His task is to get William Wallace to confess to treason and salute the English king Edward I in exchange for a painless death. This guy cuts, stretches, and nearly guts Wallace, but he knows its useless when after it all, Wallace yells out freedom. Then the crowd meant to watch the execution of Wallace as a traitor begins to support him and ask for mercy for him.

Commander that Raped and Killed Wallace's Girl

This is the guy that got Wallace going. He is an English commander fulfilling his King granted right to first opportunity of all newly married Scottish women. The point of this is to breed the Scots out of existance by allowing English soldiers to father all of the first born Scots. After the death of his women Wallace charges a swarm of English soldiers and kills them all. This was to be the first true sign of William Wallace as a future succesful reluctant soldier.

The Executioner

This is the guy wearing a hood that does the final deed and cuts off Willam Wallace's head in the movie. He just does his job and gets no glory for it either.

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