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*Dune Images and movie © 1984 Dino de Laurentiis Corporation.

Paul Usul Muad'Dib Atreides Played by Kyle MacLachlan

This is the film's Messiah. His mother ordered to bare only girls has a boy anyway so Paul is born. He learns of leadership from his father the Duke of House Atreides and brings the knowledge of the wierding module; a weapon of sound to the Fremen natives of Arrakis. He leads them to battle against the invading Harkonnen hordes. His thoughts the audience hears via a " whisper voice" in many ways are the words of pure poetry.

Baron Vladimir Harkonnen Played by Kenneth McMillan

This is the leader of House Harkonnen. He is a fat floating man that delights in human suffering and in spending time with his newphew Feyd. He defeats his arch enemy House Atreides with the aid of the Emperer and plans to adminster Planet Arrakis and its spice.

Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV Played by José Ferrer

This is the Emperer of the known universe. He plots with House Harkonnen to destroy House Atreides but his gamble doesen't work out when at the end it is Paul of house Atreides that leads the native Fremen population against the Emperer succesfully.

Lady Jessica Played by Francesca Annis

This is the mother of Paul Atreides. Against the wishes of her order and the Reverend mother she bears Duke Leto a son when she was supposed to only bear girls. This ultimately lead to an upset in the universe, the rise of the Fremen, and a disruption of spice production.

Feyd-Rautha Played by Sting

This is a nephew of Barron Harkonnen. He seems to be the favorite of the Baron as he is referred to as "lovely Feyd." After Paul Atreides has beaten the Emperer's troops and the Harkonnen troops, it is Feyd alone who has the courage to challenge Paul to a ritualistic fight to the death. Feyd prances around laughing while chanting "I will kill him."

The Beast Rabban Played by Paul L. Smith

A newphew of Barron Harkonnen who is given charge of the planet Arrakis. When Paul Muad'Dib and the Fremen begin attacks on the planet he initially keeps his failures in battle a secret from his Uncle. Untimilately the Emperer himself arrives on Arrakis to try to restore the flow of spice.

Nefud and Harkonnen Subordinate

These two are the Harkonnen pilots who are given the task to take Paul Atreides and his mother to the Desert. A little lust causes one of these men to ungag Paul's mother who then uses the voice to manipulate one to kill the other.

Stilgar Played by Everett McGill

Leader of the Fremen warriors on planet Dune. Stilgar meets Paul Atreides with an open mind and ultimately renames him with a tribal name of honor. Stilgar's men are trained by Paul and they ultimately defeat the Harkonnen on Planet Arrakis.

The Baron's Doctor Played by Leonardo Cimino

This is the Harkonnen Baron's doctor. In the film he is seen draining hideous boils from the Baron Harkonnen's face.

Piter De Vries Played by Brad Dourif

An advisor to House Harkonnen. He basically formulates the plan that leads to the downfall of House Atreides. He dies via a poison tooth that Leo Atreides bites down on that was meant for the Baron instead.

Duncan Idaho Played by Richard Jordan

This is a minor character in the film; a head of security of sorts for House Atreides.

Alia Played by Alicia Witt

This is Paul Atreides' sister and she is developing powers like the Reverend Mother. In the movie she uses the "voice" and ends the life of Baron Harkonnen.

Rev. Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam Played by Siân Phillips

The reverend mother is a member of an all female order that has developed incredible mental and mind reading powers. She tests young Paul Atreides with "the box" that gives sensations of pain. In the beginning she was the teacher of Paul but by the film's end it is Paul who gives her the orders.

Duke Leto Atreides Played by Jürgen Prochnow

This is the leader of House Atreides. After his house falls he is given a chance to get back at the barron via a poison tooth in exchange for the life of his son and wife. He bites down to release the poision but gets the wrong person.

Dr. Wellington Yueh Played by Dean Stockwell

This is a special advisor to House Atreides. He bears a mark on his forehead that indicates he has gone through a conditioning program that is believed to fully vouch for its members loyalty. Ultimately this character shuts off the protective shield for House Atreides and his sabotage leads to its downfall.

Gurney Halleck Played by Patrick Stewart

A teacher of Paul Atreides. In the film he is seen teaching Paul how to fight hand to hand with mini force shield armor. Amidst the final Freimen battle against the emperer, Paul and Gurney Halleck find each other after Gurney believed Paul was long dead.

Chani Played by Sean Young

This is a strong female Fremen warrior that Paul Atreides takes a particular liking to. In the films finale the cruel Feyd played by Sting taunts Paul Atreides with his ideas of making Chani his own.

Dr. Kynes Played by Max von Sydow

This is one of the chief scientists for House Atreides. In the film he explains the inner workings of the Stillsuit which recycles water to allow one to stay alive for long periods of time on the desert sands of Planet Dune.

Thufir Hawat Played by Freddie Jones

Advisor to House Atreides that suspects they have a traitor in their midst.

Princess Irulan Played by Virginia Madsen

This is the daughter of the Emperer. In the theatrical release of Dune she narrates the movie and tells the story of Arrakis and the Spice it possesses that the universe is so dependent upon.

Space Guild Master Navigator

This is a Space Guild Navigator. He is a member of a guild that with the aid of spice can bend space allowing space travel at rapid speed. They are the heart of all space travel and commerce. Without them there can be no trade in the universe between planets.

Dune Sandworm

These mammoth size worms interfere with spice mining on Arrakis. In the films final battle Paul Attreides and his Freimen warriors ride atop the sandworms and decimate the Emperer's elite troops.

Third Stage Guild Navigator Creature

This is a large creature that speaks to the Emperer about the threat to spice production in the film. Shaped like a worm and encaged in a giant glass case of sorts he represents what specialization of labor means. His design is for one thing bending space and allowing commerce as a third stage guild navigator. His apperance is seconary in importance.

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