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Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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General Sites features cast info, pictures, links, cut scene info, quiz, and video clips. contains pictures, the complete script, sounds, and info on the TV series. offers cast and crew details, trivia, goofs, quotes, and links contains a review with a few pictures

TV Show contains pictures and information about the show and its origin. features a list of the episodes of this series and a plot summary for each. features comments on the show based on the original Ferris Bueller movie and what was right and wrong with it. compares the spinoff Ferris Bueller tv series starring Jennifer Aniston of Friends fame with the Parker Lewis Can't Lose TV series. features a single picture of three members of the cast of this short lived series.

Trivia and Bloopers contains mistakes in the film explained in paragraph form on a single page. features a collection of nitpicks or errors in continuity which are present in the movie. features a collection of four small slipups or errors featured in the film including a school bus running its route at 6 pm. features trivia facts about the movie

Quizes features many quizes based on the movie with difficulties from easy to very tough contains a single quiz of more than 50 questions with answers.

Image Galleries contains a scene by scene guide to the entire film with pictures and sound files. features 12 thumbnailed images from the movie.

Sounds and Multimedia features over 100 sound files from the movie organized by character in wav format. contains sound files from the movie in wav and MP3 format. contains large sound files from the movie in wav format. a few sound files in wav format. features several video clips in realmedia and avi format.

Essays and Articles features a collection of essays on the film. a fun collection of thoughts on how Ferris Bueller would fare in fight against Morgan Freeman's character Joe Clark in the film "Lean on Me."

The Film's Ferrari Style Kit Car features info about movie cars including the car from Ferris Bueller which is a Ferrari Style Kit car manufactured by Modena Design of California. contains a picture of the Ferrari 250, which was present in Ferris Bueller as well as detailed information about the history of this car model.

*Also See this site's Ferris Bueller Collectibles and Merchandise for Car Related Collectibles

Message Boards and Forums the Internet Movie Database's message board for the film. a forum thread discussing the film.

Quotes contains quotes from the movie organized by character on a single page contains quotes including one about Vodoo Economics said by one of the teachers in the film. contains a collection of quotes originally submitted by fans courtesy of the Internet Movie Database

Reviews Features links to 29 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database.^Ferris+Bueller's+Day+Off+(1986) Features links to 29 review sites courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine Roger Ebert's positive review in which he states that "the film's heart is in the right place, and "Ferris Bueller" is slight, whimsical and sweet."

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