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Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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Ferris Bueller is the cool kid in High School that does what he wants, schemes when he wants to, and gets away with everything he desires. He is the kid everyone wishes they could be growing up. The movie begins with Ferris deciding that he just needs a day off from school so a grand scheme to skip without getting caught is hatched. The school principal is suspicious of Ferris all the time because of all of his past pranks that he just can't prove. The principal takes it upon himself to catch Ferris in some act and ruin him.

Ferris sets up a tape recorder and rigs it to his doorbell and telephone. When the princiapl calls or comes to the door he gets a recorded message about how sick Ferris is from Ferris himself. Ferris impersonates his dad to fool the principal and then plans to get his girlfriend out of school as well by pretending to be her dad.

Ferris kisses his girlfriend in the parking lot of school while pretending to be her father. The principal just assumes they have "one of those type of relationships." Ferris then goes to one of his rich friend's houses and talks him into taking his father's red ferrari and his gilfriend out for a day of adventure.

The car is pulled up to a parking garage and two valets drive the car all over town. In one scene the car is hurled into the air as they make a jump over a hill. The look on the valets faces is priceless. Later the car is wrecked and Ferris' friend is forced to stand up to his father for once.

During the days adventure Ferris enjoys a baseball game at Wrigley Field, dines at an elite restaruant with his girlfriend, and covers his tracks against a principal that constantly tries to uncover Ferris' latest caper. The principal in return loses a shoe outside Ferris' house in the mud, is chased by a dog, and bested by his rival Ferris no matter how hard he tries..



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