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Fast Times at Ridgemont High

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This movie is one about the various adventures, misdeeds, and learning situations that a group of teenagers in High School entail. One the so called "surfer dude" as played by Sean Penn aims to ride the big ocean waves all his life. Another is the self starter that works in the morning at a fast food restaurant and who aim's for college, and future greatness in life.

The movie has a number of other notable characters that live, learn and enteract from that which life gives them. The fast food worker becomes employee of the month after thwarting a robbery attempt with hot coffee. The surfer dude graduates finally after much pressure from his History teacher. The movie focuses not on a few highly memorable characters like the Breakfast Club does; instead it focuses on the overall High School environment and lifestyle. The movie ends with a highlight of each of the major characters and their eventual acheivements in life.



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