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Sliding Doors

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This movie shows just how much one life can change if a person misses an elevator ride on one day, or if you just don't make it in a room before the "sliding doors" close. This film is set in England and begins with a woman in what she believes to be a great relationship. Then perspectives shifts and the film shows just what would have happened if the "sliding doors" that made her late to her home one day had not made her late. It shows that she would have caught her fiance in bed with another, the relation would have ended and her life would have changed.

All life is seems can change forever by the opening or closing of a single door. She later meets someone in a bar, and the adventures of life proceed. The film uses an interesting way of switching from one timeline to the other. It is unusual and is quite hard to explain or grasp without seeing in action. Nontheless its an excellent film, one that leaves the mind pondering the great what if's of life.



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