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Wild Things

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This movie represents a tale of threesomes, murder, and intrigue, against the backdrop of multiple doublecrosses. Matt Dillon plays a teacher accused of raping the daughter of the richest man in town. He promptly seeks out a lawyer played by Bill Murray to defend him who promptly takes off a fake neckbrace in his own office and proceeds to introduce himself. Another acquaintaince of the teacher played by Neve Cambell takes the stand in court and claims that the teacher also raped her. Bill Murray promptly tears her testimony to shreds, and the case is dismissed. The teacher wins a rather large sum of money from the trust of the girl who falsely accused him of rape.

As scenes slowly unfold, it becomes evident that he schemed with the rich girl as part of a plot to split the trust money with her. Neve Cambell's character that blew things for them in court was also part of their plan. The three are lovers. Neve Cambell kisses a girl in this movie and it has a great story; could a movie ever have anything more?

From here on the plot really gets complicated and surprising. As the group of three start to have their difficulties, a detective played by Kevin Bacon starts to become supsicious about everything. By the end of the movie only one person out of these four will be alive, free, and with money. Just who will it be?



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