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Wild Things

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Kelly Lanier Van Ryan played by Denise Richards

Kelly is a cold and calulating wealthy girl. She helps engineer a scheme in which she is caught lying about legendary teacher Sam Lombardo raping her. The scheme results in Sam receiving money from Kelly's family in exchange for not suing the family for the defammation of character he endured. She plans with Sam for them to split the money between themselves and Suzie Toller a witness that made up a story about Sam raping her also which made it less obvious why Kelly would make up the incident of her rape. Gettting money out of her trust fund rather than embarassing a man that rejected her was the true motive for her accusation. Kelly tries to talk Sam into getting rid of Suzie so they don't have to pay her. While she does this Sam, Kelly, and Suzie enjoy a love trist. Kelly is killed because her plans interfered with the secret agreement made between Sam Lombardo and Sgt. Ray Duquette to split all money only between themselves.

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Suzie Marie Toller played by Neve Campbell

Suzie is a troubled kid that leaves a hermit like life. When Kelly Van Ryan accuses Sam Lombardo of raping her, she comes forward with a similar story to tell in court as well. When found to be lying she causes the charges against Sam to be dropped. Behind the scenes she and Kelly Van Ryan planned for Suzie to be caught lying. This lie resulted in Kelly's mother giving money to Sam Lombardo to drop the matter and not sue or embarass the Van Ryan's anymore. Sam in turn promised to split the money he won through deception with Suzie and Kelly. But there was another plan at work with Sam's other secret partner Sgt. Ray Duquette which ultimately reduced Kelly and Suzie's cut to zero.

Sam Lombardo played by Matt Dillon

Sam Lombardo is a dedicated High School Teacher and educator of the year. He enjoys discussing mature topics with his students. On one occasion he writes the words "SEX CRIMES" on a chalkboard to spark discussion. When he is accused of raping Kelly Van Ryan, his career as an educator is ended. He wins in court despite having another female student Suzie Marie Toller also claim that she too was raped. After Sam's lawyer proves them both to be liers, Sam gets a large sum of money from the Van Ryans for his agreement to not sue, talk to reporters about the incident or further embarass the Van Ryan daughter, Kelly who has hurt her reputation by being caught lying in court. The rest of the movie involves a complicated plan for money based on a deception involving Sgt Ray, Kelly Van Ryan, Suzie Toller, and Sam himself.

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Sgt. Ray Duquette played by Kevin Bacon

This detective investigates the Sam Lombardo matter. He has a secret agenda though and the whole investigation is used to further it. By the movie's end his secret partner, Sam Lombardo and him toast their financial prosperity although only one of them will live through the day.

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Tom Baxter played by Robert Wagner

Tom is the father of Kelly Van Ryan. Along with his wife he personally leads the crusade against Sam Lombardo when her daughter accuses him of raping her. When it appears obvious in court that his daughter was lying he is greatly ashamed.

Kenneth Bowden played by Bill Murray

Mr. Bowden is a crooked lawyer that is the only one that will defend Sam Lombardo when he is accused of raping Kelly Van Ryan, the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the city. When Sam Lombardo enters Kenneth Bowden's office, Kenneth removes a fake neck brace that he is using to keep the people he defrauded of a previous fake injury off his back. This neckbrace represents how honest Mr. Bowden is truly as a lawyer as well.

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Sandra Van Ryan played by Theresa Russell

Sandra is a wealthy woman, the wealthiest in the city easily. She takes personal offense when her daughter accuses Sam Lombardo of raping her. With tremendous power she helps to ensure the police give the matter an unusual attention towards implicating Sam Lombardo. When her daughter is found to be lying in court on the whole matter, she feels ashamed, and offers Sam a large sum of money in exchage for not sueing her or speaking of the matter anymore.

Gloria is the assistant of Sgt. Ray Duquette she follows him from locale to locale in search of evidence in the Sam Lombardo case. Ray works Gloria hard but is deceiving her all the time as he himself has a plan of deception he wishes to work with his secret partner Ray Duquette.

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