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Wild Things

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General Sites offers cast and crew details, trivia, goofs, and links features a few pictures from the film and some character details.

Quizes and Trivia features a collection of nitpicks or errors in continuity which are present in the movie. features a collection of slipups or errors featured in the film. features goofs from the movie as featured at the Internet Movie Database.

Image Galleries 41 publicity photos of the stars of the movie from the premiere includes 22 thumbnailed stills from the film. features a gallery of stills from the movie examine stills from the movie as well as a summary of the plot. a large jpeg pic featuring several scenes from the movie including a Neve Campbell/Denise Richards kiss

Sounds features a page of textual quotes and their corresponding sounds in wav format features two wav files from the film; scroll to find them on the page. features a small wav file from Matt Dillon's character available for download.

Video Clips the Wild things Trailer from the Internet Movie Database the Wild things 2 Trailer from the Internet Movie Database the Wild things 3 Trailer from the Internet Movie Database contains a mpeg movie clip of the kiss scene from the film in high quality streaming format and not bad webcam quality.

Quotes features a collection of quotes from the movie that were guessed at before being revealed to site visitors. contains a page of quotes from the film.

Reviews Features links to 99 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database. Features links to 120 review sites courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine Read Roger Ebert's positive review in which he says about the film that "It's like a three-way collision between a softcore sex film, a soap opera and a B-grade noir. I liked it." Read a tantalizing review which states the film is a "crafy, tawdy sexy thriller suspensful but overly complex"

Games and Fun features wallpapers of Denise Richards and her character from Wild Things along with other pictures of Denise Richards from various functions. contains a Wild Things movie screensaver to download.

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