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Billy Peltzer played by Zach Galligan

Billy is the son of an inventor and works at a local bank. His dog gets him into trouble when a neighbor threatens to kill the dog for his accidents in her yard. He receives a unique gift, a maguai which comes with a unique set of instructions. Billy eventurally doesen't follow the three rules that his maguai Gizmo comes with. Billy enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Kate whom he has to rescue when the gremlins takeover the bar that Kate works at. Billy saves his mom by killing one gremlin with a sword. Billy tries asking the police for help when the gremlin problem gets out of hand. When no one else will help Billy takes it upon himself to hunt down the gremlin leader Stripe and end the gremlin problem once and for all.

Kate played by Phoebe Cates

Kate is Billy's girlfriend that works at a local bar. She has a small role in the film. But when her bar is invaded by gremlins she is forced to fight her way free of them with the flash of a camera. She is then rescued by Billy in his car. In the movie Kate takes care of Gizmo on a few occasions.


Gizmo is the film's cute furry star. He looks so innocent but causes so much trouble. He can hum to music and even speaks to Billy. He is often carried around by Billy in his backback. In a sporting good store Gizmo even drives a small toy car. Gizmo doesen't eat after midnight when his offsprings do and remains an innocent loveable creature inspite of the carnage that getting him wet causes. The gremlins that emerge enjoy torturing Gizmo but Gizmo fights them in the end.

Pete, Billys friend played by Corey Feldman

Pete, is a younger friend that Billy shows off his Christmas present Gizmo too. He enjoys making faces at Gizmo and wonders how intelligent he truly is. Pete witnesses firsthand the rapid mutiplication of Gizmo into multiple Maguai when he gets wet.

Roy Handon, The Biology Teacher played by Glynn Turman

Mr. Handon is Billy's biology teacher. When Billy brings in one of the cocooned maguai the teacher is eager to study him. He keeps him and is truly curious about just what the new creature will look like when he discovers it is loose. He offers the creature a candy bar but the gremlin wants the good teacher's hand instead.

Lynn Peltzer played by Frances Lee McCain

Lynn is Billy's mom and inventor Rand Peltzer's wife. She knows her husband's inventions often don't work but she doesen't discourage him from trying. In the movie she bakes ginger bread men. When one is missing she figures something is up. She discovers a house full of gremlins. She attacks them with a knife, a blender, and even a microwave. She is a woman eager to defend her kitchen and her cookies when the gremlins invade her home.

Rand Peltzer played by Hoyt Axton

Rand is supposed to be the consumate inventor of the film. In reality he is the premiere entrepreneur. He always has an idea for a gadget that he is eager to try to sell. He is gung ho about business and figures details about the functionality of his gadgets can be worried about later. Rand purchases the Maguai Gizmo for his son Billy. He remembers the instructions he is told about the Maguai's care but his son is not so careful to follow them. At the movie's end Rand returns Maquai to the old Chinese grandfather to avoid future problems.

Billy's Dog

Billy's dog doesen't play a very large role in the movie. But he adds a nice personal touch. When Gizmo enters the scene the dog becomes a bit jealous. Loyal and quiet one can only wonder if Billy made any big mistakes raising this dog like he did taking care of Gizmo. One of Billy's neighbors wants to kill this dog because he uses the bathroom in her yard a bit too much.

Stripe, the leader of the Gremlins

This is Stripe, the leader of the Gremlins. The white stripe on his head is the source of his name. When Stripe was a Maguai he had the stripe and when he was transformed into an evil gremlin the stripe remained. Stripe dislikes Gizmo and enjoys leading his gremlin minions into mischief. He enjoys a movie at a local theater and faces down Billy with a crossbow in a sporting goods store. Stripe tries to ensure the survival of his kind when he jumps in a swimming pool at a YMCA and when he desperately tries to survive long enough for a fountain to get him wet enough to reproduce.

The Old Chinese Grandfather played by Keye Luke

This Chinese man owns a small antique shop. When inventor Rand Peltzer enters the shop he desperately wants something interesting for his son for Christmas. He finds nothing until he sees Maguai. At first the old man proclaims that the Maguai is not for sell at any price. After Rand leaves the store, the grandson offers to sell the creature as he knows his grandfather really needs the money.

Sheriff Frank played by Scott Brady

This Sheriff figures into the movie Gremlins when Billy tries to tell the police about the Gremlins that are on the loose causing public harm. The Sheriff and his deputy just laugh at Billy till he leaves. They don't even give his words a second thought.

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