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Independence Day Characters

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Character Profiles

Captain Steven 'Eagle' Hiller played by Will Smith

Captain Hiller is a family man on vacation from the US Airforce for the 4th of July. One morning when he goes out to get his newspaper he looks up in the sky and sees everyone running around outside while a giant spaceship hovers over his city. Captain Hiller is recalled from vacation by the Airforce as the whole country is on a security alert because of the giant alien space vessels in the sky. Hiller takes part in a first strike on an alien supervessel in the sky. After a retreat is ordered, Hiller alone survives. Crashing in the desert Hiller manages to capture a live alien who also crashed on the ground. Hiller is selected to infiltrate the alien command ship and implant a computer virus to take down the alien's forceshield technology as part of a coordinated world wide attack.

President Thomas J. Whitmore played by Bill Pullman

This is the President of the United States. When alien vessels appear over cities throughout the world, he tries to project an image of calmness and stays in the Whitehouse until the last possible moment to try to calm the panicking people of his country. As the aliens fire on America's capital, the President barely escapes in Airforce 1. The President tries using figher jets and even nuclear weapons against the alien superships in the sky, both means prove ineffective. After a computer virus is invented to exploit a weakness in the alien's technology, the President personally leads a world wide jet fighter attack against all the alien vessels of the world.

First Lady Marilyn Whitmore played by Mary McDonnell

When Los Angeles is virtually eliminated from the face of the planet, everyone believes the First Lady is dead as well many other people. She does survive war torn Los Angeles however and travels with Jasmine Hiller to a place of safety with the President.

U.S. Space Command General William Grey
played by Robert Loggia

This General is the senior military official who advises the President on possible military options in the face of the alien menace in the sky. He suggests evacuating the President early on, but the President waits in an attempt to calm the American people. The General is also quick to suggest a fighter jet attack and ultimately a nuclear attack. These initial means fail and casualty figures worldwide are staggering.

David Levinson played by Jeff Goldblum

David Levinson is a computer programmer type that uncovers a message being sent from the alien ships circling the planet. He interpretes it to be a countdown; a countdown to an attack on the world. With motivation from his father he drives to the Whitehouse to explain his thoughts on the aliens to the President. Because of his theory of a countdown, the Whitehouse is evacuated just before it is destroyed. In a secret Area 51 complex David is shown alien technology from the fabled Roswell crash in the past. From this technology he is able to create a computer virus that could take down the forceshields of the Alien vessels circling the globe. Thanks to David's virus invented on a an Apple Macintosh computer, the alien's shields go down on their ships and humanity is able to deliver a decisive blow against their would be unearthly exterminators.

Russell Casse played by Randy Quaid

Russel Casse is a somewhat crazy character in the film. When the aliens attack the world he takes to the road as part of a motorcade of driving campers all seeking refuge in deserted areas of the world. After alien attacks take out most of the trained pilots of America, Russell enlists as a volunteer to pilot a jet fighter against the alien spaceships up above in the sky. Russel dies sacrificing his life to take out a giant alien spaceship when he runs out of missiles.

Jasmine Dubrow Hiller (and son) played by Vivica A. Fox

These two are the wife and child of Airforce pilot Captain Hiller. When Los Angeles is virtually destroyed, Captain Hiller assumes his wife and daughter are both dead. But Jasmine Hiller manages to take refuge from the attacks and survives to travel along with the the First lady to take refuge in a military command post.

Dr. Brakish Okun played by Brent Spiner

This character is the keeper of Area 51 and the head scientist there. In his posession is a crashed alien spacecraft from the legendary Roswell, New Mexico crash in 1947. With a little reengineering this craft is made functional and is used to deliver a computer virus into the heart of the alien command structure technologies.

Secretary of Defense Albert Nimzicki played by James Rebhorn

This is the Secretary of Defense. In reality he would not know things that the President does not know security wise. But in this film, this Secretary of Defense knows of a secret research complex; Area 51 that neither the President nor his top general are aware of.

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