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Interview with A Vampire

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Louis de Pointe du Lac Played by Brad Pitt

Lois starts out as a Plantation owner sad over his wife's death. With little to live for he is offered a chance by the Vampire Lestat to become immortal. Louis didn't really know what he had agreed to though. As a vampire he avoids drinking human blood when at all possible. He becomes sick and sad with his life as a Vampire under the apperenticeship of Lestat. To keep Louis happy Lestat turns a young girl into a vampire so they can have a family of sorts.

Lestat de Lioncourt Played by Tom Cruise

Lestat is a powerful immortal vampire that desires companionship. He offers Louis a chance at immortality and gains a friend of sorts to help fill his never ending lifetime with some new experiences. He delights in drinking human blood and thinks Louis is silly to not enjoy it as well. Lestat turns the young girl Claudia into a vampire to try to keep Louis happy so that he won't lose Louis as a friend.

Claudia Played by Kirsten Dunst

Claudia is the girl that can't grow up. She is turned into a vampire by Lestat in the hopes that she will help Louis feel a family connection and be less likely to depart from Lestat. Claudia grows frustrated with her childlike apperance. Her hair can't be changed; it always stays curled no matter what and while she grows to be very old she still looks like a child. Claudia has a very close bond with Louis and she tries to kill Lestat.

Armand Played by Antonio Banderas

A powerful vampire in France that leads a band of actor vampires. Armand desires the companionship of Louis and is willing to do almost anything to get it.

Daniel Malloy Played by Christian Slater

This is a writer who is hearing a fantastic story of immortal Vampires as told by the Vampire Louis. He eagerly listens and takes notes. The story he is told is the essence of the movie the audience is watching via flash back memories.

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