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Interview with the Vampire

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In modern America a 200 year old vampire grants an interview with a reporter which will detail the amazing story of his life. The vampire giving the interview is known as Louis and played by Brad Pitt. The interviewer is played by Kristian Slater. Vampire Louis begins his story with his origin. In the 1700's he was a wanderer in New Orleans after having lost his wife and daughter. In a sudden act of fate he is given a choice between life forever or no life at all.

After being bitten by a bloodthirsty vampire named Lestat, played by Tom Cruise, Louis is given the choice of bleeding to death or living a life as an immortal without age, or death. With little hesitation a life as an immortal is chosen. Louis goes into a state of sickness and awakes born again and hungry in a way like never before. At first Louis refuses to consume human blood, he lives on animals, and on rat blood. But life in the gutter with the rats could only be so good. Lestat shows him about how life can be seized and savored for those of their kind.

Lestat tries to toughen up his pupil Louis and coaches Louis in the ways of vampiredom. No matter what Lestat does, Louis just can't delight in killing even though he has to for his own survival. Lestat does have a heart though and senses that Louis needs a sense of family. An older woman is found dead from the plague and her daughter, Claudia awaits the fate of the plague as well. In order to save her from death she is given vampire blood and becomes a vampire. She won't get sick and die like her mother. Forever doomed to the body of a 12 year old with curly hair Claudia lives then on with Lestat and Louis.

Claudia is dressed as a little girl even as she becomes quite old with time. Given dolls and treated like a baby doll she grows tired of her status as merely something cute. She tries to cut her own hair in defiance but it just grows back because she is a vampire. She is doomed to her own physical body and apperance. She bonds closely with Louis and grows to despise Lestat. In spite of this bond she savors blood as Lestat does and whenver company is invited over, little Claudia has quite a meal rather on anyone in sight including tailors and others intended to help.

With time Claudia and Louis begin to see Lestat as the root cause of their misery as vampires. A plan to subdue Lestat so that he an be marooned in the swamp proceeds. Lestat however survives and makes it back after many days surviving on nothing but alligator blood. Claudia and Louis burn their home and go on a journey to discover just who they are.

The movie ends with the interviewer from the beginning traveling in his car as Lestat appears in the car with him and offers him the same opportunity for life or death that he offered Louis. Throughout the movie a tale of sorrow that attempts to intertwine elements of family and regret plays out. Louis regrets allowing Claudia to be what she is and Louis regretting his own decision he made so long ago to just stay alive. The life of a tortured soul that just can't die is the essence of The Interview With a Vampire.


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