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In the Mouth of Madness

Sutter Cane, a best selling author has dissapeared and his publisher and book editor want him found. A private investigator teams with Sutter Cane's book editor in a quest to find the author. Along the way they encounter angry mobs and strangeness of all sorts. Whenever one of Sutter Cane's books is sold out people go crazy at bookstores.

In one scene the private investigator watches as a crazed man throws an axe through a coffee shop that the private investigator is sitting inside of. The crazed man was one of author Sutter Cane's former agents. The private investigator and book editor discover that if they put all of Sutter Cane's book covers together a map emerges. The two travel the path described in this map and end up at a town on no map at all. There they witness a haunted house with all manner of madness complete with strange childlike ghosts who block their way on the road.

Eventually the pair meets Sutter Cane himself who sits perched in his own little world and speaks of his latest creation. Sutter speaks of the power of his book to change people. Sutter boosts "More people believe in my work than believe in the Bible." After this creepy interlude ends the private investigator finds himself back in the present day world. He learns that Sutter's latest book will turn anyone who reads it into a mutant like creature. A movie version of the book has been created to convert those who don't like to read.

The Private Investigator at first decides to avoid this most dangerous Sutter Cane creation. But as everyone around him changes he decides to just go with the flow. Finding an abandoned movie theator he watches the latest playing of the movie adaptation of Sutter Cane's book. He laughs harder than any mortal man can just before he slowly changes himself into a mutant creature.

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