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The Matrix

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General Sites the official site from Warner Brothers featuring trailers, behind the scenes info, and games. Navigation is difficult but one of the games at the site is very good and challenging. features cast and crew details, quotes, goofs, and links to related resources and reviews. - features a forum and ideas attempting to explain the Matrix saga.

Essays and Analysis features a comparision of the Matrix to an obscure worldwide religion known as Baha'i. a collection of philisophical and what if comments by various people about the movie on things such as what if Neo swallowed both the blue and the red pill.

Chats and Forums an active Matrix message board hosted by the official site.;act=SF;f=3 a threaded message board dedicated to the Matrix featuring some single topics with discussions that are over 16 pages long. a Matrix message board broken by topics such as the news and general discussion

MatrixCommunity - active forum run by fans

Quizes and Trivia features a collection of nitpicks or errors in continuity which are present in the movie. features a collection of slipups or errors featured in the film. contains a selection of in depth explained mistakes in the movie. features a collection of goofs pointed out by fans courtesy of the internet movie database

Interviews an interview with Carrie Anne Moss about her role in the film as Trinity John Gaeta Matrix Revolutions interview with special effects guru John Gaeta about Matrix Revolution the final movie in the saga.

WhatistheMatrix: Kym Barrett Interview an interview with costume designer Kym Barrett about the Matrix sequels

Previews an archived preview page for the first Matrix movie. features archived preview thoughts and review of the first Matrix movie

Box Office Info a more detailed box office gross breakdown by periods of time from two to four days. contains box office information for all three Matrix movies.

Image Galleries a gallery of thumnailed images chronologically and by type, character, and theme. features five pages of large images contains one page of thumbnailed images from the movie primarily of Trinity and Neo. features a slide show of 37 thumnailed images that can be viewed one right after the other. contains images of the prop Helicopter used in the movie. a german site with high resolution pictures from the Matrix movies.

Directories and Links a large selection of Matrix links listed by title and grouped by type with no descriptions a page of Matrix links.

Wallpapers a nice collection of collage and action shot wallpapers based on memorable scenes from the Matrix some with digital effects applied uniquely. contains links to multiple wallpaper sites and various resolution wallpapers up to 1290 x 960

Scripts features scripts from all the Matrix movies online to read. the script to the first Matrix movie online to read in html format.

Lego Creations a one minute Matrix spoof video in real media or windows media format consisting of animated stop motion lego figures. features reinactment pictures of memorable scenes from the movie with legos. contains lego creations including a helicopter, agents, and simulated bullet shots captured in still images. features several images of a large lego built model of the Nebuchadnezzar Hovership and its crew.

Fun & Games contains two flash and shockwave games, one where you shoot red pills and the other where you blast enemies with a choice of weapons. a poll where people can vote on their favorite Matrix character other than Neo and view totals

Video and Movie Clips

*Also see Parody Links Below for Downloadable Parody movies based on the Matrix. contains three video files in windows media format for scenes where Neo is confronted by Agent Smith in a closed office and in the train station. features links to trailers and interviews in real video format.

Screen Savers a popular screen saver featuring images and sound from Joblo. Eight other screen savers for the movie are available at this site. features two screen savers for the movie in a compressed ready to download format from the official site in Mac format or Windows.

Props and Costumes

WhatistheMatrix: Props and Ships - an article about the props and models from the Matrix a private prop collection featuring images of Neo's boots and a police jacket from the Matrix movies.

Parodies a one minute Matrix spoof video in real media or windows media format consisting of animated stop motion lego figures. features pictures of characters from the Simpsons and profiles of them as if they were the cast of the Matrix.

Fan Fiction and Fan Art;list a webring featuring links to many sites with fan fiction based on the Matrix movie and its characters a continuing fan fiction story involving a female character recently unplugged from the Matrix.

Sounds features a large selection of sounds from the film in MP3 and Wav Format contains a selection of sound files from the movie in wav format

Quotes features a collection of quotes from the movie courtesy of the Internet Movie database. features a collection of quotes from the movie

Reviews Features links to 251 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database.^Matrix,+The+(1999) Features links to 256 review sites courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine Roger Ebert's positive review in which he states "The Matrix is a visually dazzling cyberadventure, full of kinetic excitement."

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