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Red Dawn

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History Teacher

This is one of the first characters we see at the start of the movie. He is a High School History Teacher. He is telling his class about the history of Genghis Khan and how fighting would last for hours even days when Khan's troops would fight battles. He notices paratroopers falling outside his school. He figures they are US troops way off course. When he steps outside he is shot to death and then a Russian troop machine guns the windows of his classroom.

Matt Eckert played by Charlie Sheen

Matt is Jed's brother. Along with his brother the two know how to hunt and survive in the mountains. Matt is less of a brutal person than Jed though. When one of his friends is found to have lead enemy troops to them in the mountains. Jed orders him killed but Matt asks "What's the difference between us and them." Jed responds "We live here" and finally Robert kills the man. Matt is killed by the Russian hunter sent to deal with the Wolverine problem. When Jed carries his dead brother in his arms, another enemy commander Bella decides not to shot so that Jed can carry Matt, his dead brother away in peace.

Jed Eckert played by Patrick Swayze

Jed is a High School star quarterback. He hardly loses a game and can't remember losing one win asked by his brother. Jed is also an outdoorsman as he has been taught to hunt and survive on the mountains of Colorado by his father. When his school is attacked and foreign troops are shooting people at his school he takes his brother and a few others and heads to the mountains. With supplies obtained from a friendly merchant he has what he needs to survive in the mountains for as long as it takes until foreign troops and weapons are heard no more. He assumes a leader role for the teens that come to join him in the mountains. When three Russsian soldiers are spotted coming up the mountain they are staying at he and his teen friends kill them. From then on his teens become guerilla soldiers known as the wolverines that wreck havoc on the Russians, Nicaraguans, and Cubans who have invaded his home.

Daryl Bates played by Darren Dalton

Daryl is the son of his town's mayor. When he arrives to the mountains where Jed has decided everyone hide from the Russians, he suggests that everyone give themselves up. As student body President he feels it is the best thing to do. Of course no one listens to him, and Daryl's father has to defend his son's actions when the enemy forces ask him about what his son is up to. According to Cuban commander Bella, Daryl is a "member of an elite military organization, Eagle Scout." Of course Daryl is neither smart nor a fighter and his teen friends have to work hard to keep Daryl from doing anything really stupid.

Colonel Andy Tanner played by Powers Boothe

Andy is an American Fighter pilot that is shot down by enemy plans when he is outnumbered 5 to 1 in the sky. He is taken in by Jed and his troops. Andy brings military procedures and techniques to the Wolverines. He helps orchestrate a daring attacks on POW camps and other enemy military installations. Before Andy arrived the Wolverines largely just used ambush techniques to get easy kills. Andy is adored by Erica. Andy is killed by an enemy tank, but just does manage to slip a greande in just before he dies. Erica is heartbroken at Andy's death.

Mr Mason played by Ben Johnson

This man is an old friend of Jed's. Mr Mason provides Jed and his group with a radio and horses. He also leaves behind some family heirlooms, his grandaughters, Toni and Erica for Jed to take care of. Mr. Mason also tells Jed that he has heard rumors that Free America has heard of the Wolverines and may be dropping some special forces units in the spring to help out.

Robert played by C. Thomas Howell

Robert is the true fighter of the Wolverines. More than anyone else he likes the thrill of the kill. After his first kill; a Russian scout he says that it felt good. Robert appears to be full of hate but to him "It keeps me warm." When Helicopter gun ships arrive to kill the Wolverine forces Robert crashes a few with his self aimed rocket launcher. When he is out of rockets he stands defiantly in battle pose and fires at a passing Helicoper gun ship until he can shoot no more. While alive Robert had no trouble killing the enemy or killing traitors in his own group.

Toni played by Jennifer Grey(top) and Erica played by
Lea Thompson (crouching)

Tony and Erica are the granddaughters of Mr Mason. He leaves them in Jed's care for safekeeping. Erica is the real feisty one. When the wolverine men ask her to cook and clean she gets really mad. Erica is the pretty one played by the same actress that played the mom in Back to the Future. Erica finds compainionship with the older Colonel Andy and is greatly saddened when he dies in a tank fight. Toni in one memorable scene travels into town and hands over her bag which is a bomb to soldiers who load it into their tank unknowingly. She comes running quickly as it goes off and she is chased. Up from the ground emerge hidden wolverine soldiers who kill the soldiers that chased after her. Toni is killed by a Helicopter gun ship. Before dying she holds a grenade to keep warm. When she dies an enemy soldier dies via the grenade that detonates when moves from Toni's dead hand. Erica survives to spread the tale of the wolverines for future generations.

Tom Eckert played by Harry Dean Stanton

Tom is the father of Jed and Matt. He is captured and winds up in a POW camp where loud propaganda plays all day to try to brainwash its captives. When Tom is visited by his sons he wishes that they understand why he was so tough on them growing up. He will no longer be there to help them when they fall down. He has but one thing to say to his son before they go "AVENGE ME."

Danny - Small Soldier played by Brad Savage

Danny is the younger Wolverine member that is afraid and thinks everyone should just give up. Jed responds by telling Danny that his mom would want him to stay alive and staying with Jed will keep him alive.

Mayor Bates played by Lane Smith

The mayor becomes a collaborationist of sorts when foreign occupation forces take control of his city. He is forced to watch as "troublemakers" are machinegunned to death. The mayor also has to explain why his son, Daryl is traveling with the renegade wolverines.

Colonel Strelnikov the Russian Hunter William Smith

This Russian is brought to Colorado to help deal with the Wolverine problem after Bella and the troops in the area prove ineffective. He talks before his men about the need to become a hunter. By drawing out the wolverines with food he plans to kill them with helicopter gun ships. In the end of the movie near a railroad track the Colonel personally goes after Jed and Matt with an uzi. He kills Mat but Jed slowly cocks and kills the Colonel with his revolver.

Bella Nicaraguan commander misses home played by Ron O'Neal

Bella is the commander that is in charge of the region under siege by the Wolverines until Colonel Strelnikov arrives on the scene to help. Bella misses his wife and wants to come home more than anything. When walking over a pile of his dead soldiers he states that he has seen this before in areas like Nicaragua and Cuba. Rebels that will not give up are a hard army to fight and Bella knows it. When Bella has the opportunity to shoot Jed who is carrying his dead brother off the battlefield he lowers his weapon and decides to just let them go.

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